nb: the download dimensions refer to the entire OpenOffice suite; Calc can also be installed individually by selecting it during the custom installation. The entire suite, and other components, are reviewed here
** CALC ** is the spreadsheet, spreadsheet or spreadsheet, if you prefer, of the free OpenOffice suite. Numbers, accounts, reports, debts, staggering figures and measles interests. Everything can be calculated and monitored through grids, spreadsheets, tables, mathematical functions or simple additions

With a fully customizable interface, which contains both floating bars that can be composed at will, Calc offers all the typical tools of a spreadsheet of this type. The composition of simple or complex functions can also take place through a convenient "Guided Creation", and an exhaustive guide in Italian helps the user to extricate himself in a world of mathematical operations, percentages, functions and statistics

Thanks to the "MATH" module which is part of the suite, it is possible to create even complex formulas to be used in CALC sheets. Formulas can be inserted from the "Insert - Object - Formula" menu, just as sounds, drawings, links, images of any format (Gif, JPG, PNG, BMP, etc etc), tables, even a inside the other, diagrams in 2D or 3D embellishments of any kind (3d lettering, colors, borders, backgrounds
All the most commonly used tools can be easily placed in a stable way in the interface (for example the drawing tools, in a horizontal bar at the bottom) or floating and always ready to serve in any calculation page

Many elements for functions use a "natural" language divided into categories (database, mathematics, dates and times, statistics, etc.) in order to compile functions such as "=SUNDAY.EASTER(2006)" which returns the date of the Easter Sunday of the indicated year. Wow!
Since there are hundreds of elements available for constructing functions all those who see the world as made up only of numbers and accounts, as if it were a Matrix, do not run the risk of getting bored

CALC saves documents in the format that the European Union explicitly supports, called OpenDocument, for total compatibility with the future and with all the applications that manage and will manage it, outside of proprietary logics. It can also export to PDF with various options, or exchange data to and from MS Excel, with greater compatibility than previous versions of OpenOffice. For example, the CALC of the old suite had a limit, now removed, of 32,000 calculation lines which kept it away from many Excel documents. New functions such as the "DataPilot" increasingly resemble advanced Excel functions (PivotTable) in completeness and complexity

There is a guide in Italian and the description, at the tip of the mouse, of each individual tool and option. Digital signature support, another new feature of OpenOffice2, requires saving the document in OpenDocument format

All the tools and floating bars of OpenOffice are also available in CALC, such as the "Disc Playback" for background audio while working, or the drawing tools, passing through FontWork (3D texts) or the convenient Hyperlink Bar which facilitates the 'inserting hyperlinks into the document

A free spreadsheet (full of tools, functions and small conveniences!) that also manages to make ends meet for the cost of software of this type without regretting its commercial competitors, with an extra focus on compatibility with its digital brothers

The entire suite to which Calc belongs is cross-platform, and therefore the documents produced are easily distributed to users of different operating systems.