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Computing 4th ESO IESEBA 1415
Theme 21
OpenOffice Calc 1
OpenOffice Calc 1
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to view the file Fantastic tutorials with OpenOffice and Gimp exercises


Digital Competences according to the European Parliament
Guide for an orientation talk to 3º ESO
Insert a G+ post not blogger
Search Information, where and how
Internet operation.Digital Identity and Security in the network.OSI.Tips for an effective Presentation
Know all the options of the educational system
Orientation Notebook 2015-16
WebQuest: And after 4th of That What to decide? Orientation Guide 2015-16
Vocational Project
RRSS Task.01: Debate in the Private Community.Sexting
Task RRSS.02: Debate in the Private Community.Machismo
Task RRSS.03: Debate in the Private Community. Mobile in the classroom
Social Networks
Video about privacy in RRSS
Results of the survey of Galician adolescents on the use of the Internet
How to incorporate Facebook in Informatics? Profile, Group or Page
If you use Google, you are interested in knowing what it knows about you
5 views against sexism
Privacy on Facebook for newbies by David Ibiza
Sketchfab.Display a 3D object in the browser
Sketch Up 3D by Pedro Landin
Thinking about 3D printing: OpenScad
Bullying: from the schoolyard to cyberspace
Classroom Dynamics on Cyberbullying and Grooming: Tribute to Amanda Todd
Action guide against cyberbullying
Traballos Go! Animate 2012-13
Titoriais de como fixeron os suus Go! Cheer up the students of the course 2012-13
In the name of Amanda Todd
digital animation
WIDEO, an alternative to GoAnimate?Alternatives to GoAnimate
Photo contest on gender violence
Sound Editing with Audacity
Musicalize a book, a short story, a poem, a micro-story

radio spots
Audio Resources Compilation
Tell me a story or read me a poetry
Audiovisual Creation
Xoga coa Typography
Digital magazine
video animation
Palabrasinpapel.Video poems contest
19 tools to create and edit videos
Gimp. Didactic applications
INSTAGRAM.Educational use
Creative Commons.Video
Teknopolis: Computing (site with "step by step" practices)
The 50 best banks of images, photos and icons FREE. Peer evaluation in a task of Advertising and Gimp
Work proposal with Gimp and Advertising
Learning Scratch.Complete website with video tutorials.Develop games and apps in HTML5 without knowing how to program
Creative Computing with Scratch

Videogames and robots.Tutorial and activities in eXeLearning.Videotitorial by Rosco Pasapalabra authors.Time lines.Line
Timeline example with Time Rime
Put a QR on your blog
Promotion of "QR" Publication of the Google + Community by Ana de la Fuente
Augmented Reality
Angel's YouTube Channel Playlist on Augmented Reality
Aurasma: commentary, tutorials and auras
A simple exercise in the use of AR
Mobile Reader Plan
AR activity with Audacity, Pixton, Layar
AR Project with Geolocation and Layar
dunha cidade wikipedification project with QR
Augmented Reality at CEIP Ponte dos Brozos
Augmented reality from High School
BoleTIC. An idea for a school magazine
#ARRambla.A Transdisciplinary project with Augmented Reality
The risk of scanning QR codes like crazy
Images Actives, similar to Thinglink
Geolocate and learn with maps
Blog of 6ºB ofDíaz Pardo academic year 2010-11
Task: Layers of Information
12 things you should not put on your CV
12 things to keep in mind in your CV
a dozen, resume tag
Information, seals and CV models for the Andalusian Institute of Emprego
Job Training and Orientation: CV
What to do and what not to do on your CV.Infographic
13 web pages to create a different CV
Inkscape is not Calamocha
Inkscape: Site with tutorial and activities
Inkscape Titorial on SlideShare
Computer site 4 with inkscape block among others
Curriculum Vitae - Infographic - Inkscape
Alternative task: Create the IT and/or Technology LOGO with "Online Logo Maker"
Watch and propose a topic of your choice: Audiovisual Culture by María Soliño
Alternative task: Create Icons for each type of resource-activity of this Virtual Course
Infographic with Google Draw
Video with Chroma effect - Web Page - Android App
Chroma Key effect with the free Wax editor. A weather newscast with Touchcast
Project and Rubric of "A weather newscast with Touchcast"
Example video tutorial with chroma
video capture
ANDROID.Applications.Apps with MakeMeDroid
Examples of how to make a web dunha local company
Business ideas from Murcia
Examples of student work
Didactic Unit of creation of a web
A real case: 3rd year students create the website of a day center
marketing tips
professional examples
What would this task be like in a Master's degree?
Annotated Resource Guide
collaborative project
50 steps to make or create a website or blog in 2015
The best tools for Windows maintenance
Free software for education. Updated monthly. How to choose a gaming monitor? How to activate Windows-Linux dual boot
Resources about HARDWARE.Wiki do IES San Clemente

How to download free software safely
PowerPoint or Prezi? Advertising Creativity. PowToon Video Titorial, by CanalEducativo
PowToon video tutorial, Part I, by Jesús Ruíz
PowToon video tutorial, Part II, by Jesús Ruíz
VideoScribe.How to draw presentations
PBL and Animated Presentations
Interactive book with Didapages
Collection of educational shorts
Create animated videos
Narrable. Presentation of individually commented photos
Create Multimedia Storytelling with these 10 tools
Fantastic tutorials with OpenOffice and Gimp exercises
OpenOffice Calc 2
Micro-stories, hypermedia texts and other written
journalistic chronicle
Integrated Documentary Project
Example of layout of a short document
Vector images practices with OpenOffice Draw
Comic creation with Comic Life
Creation of comics with PlayCómic
Video tutorial on Smore, creator of digital magazines
Animated Banner Creation
Research work, formalization and exhibition
Assembling a magazine with Flipboard
Free Resource Banks
stop motion
Google advanced search
15 useful tricks to search on Google
Google Sites Web Tutorial
Weekly topics for reflection
Video: love has no labels
Delivery of the link or your blog
Consultation materials. To have a hand and remember "as it was here of (Open in a new window, press with the right button)
Presentation Forum
ICT standards
What are they doing in other centers? Sexism through WhatsApp
Passport to Web 2.0
Task 01.01: Gmail presentation
Tarefa Drive: Shared Folder
Task 01.02: Gmail
Task 01.03: Personalization of Profile
Task 01.04: Creation of personal Blog
Tarefa 01.05: First blog entry
Tarefa 01.06: Paxina "Inforeba1415"
Tarefa 01.07: AVATAR on your blog
Task 01.08: Presentation to the G+ Community "INFOREBA_1415_PRIVADA"
Task 01.09: Presenting your Blog to the community INFOREBA_1415_PÚBLICA
Validation of passport to web 2.0: Gmail
Forum of dubidas do Theme 1
LOMCE Summary
I want to be older
Academic-Professional Guidance
Tarefa 02.01: When Iup I want to be..

Tarefa 02.02: Public exhibition of the presentation made.Edition of son.Finisterre
Task: RSS Subscription
sketch up
Tarefa 04.01: SketchUp 01. Dimensioned three-dimensional piece
Tarefa 04.02: SketchUp 02.Publication on the blog of the rounded piece
Task 7.04: Go!Animate
Science That Counts
Tariff CQC14
Palabrasinpapel Contest 2014
Introduction to Photo Editing
Photo Editing: Transparent Background
Photo Editing with PickMonkey
Image editing with GIMP
Photographic beauty of the face
photomontage instructions

Gimp_03_doctor House
TEF_01: Filtered Flowers
TEF_02: Community Promotion "Filtered Flowers"
TEF_03: Cropped image and transparent background
TEF_04: Postcard PicMonkey
TEF_05: Community Promotion on PicMonkey
TEF_06: Gimp.Face retouching.TEF_07: Photomontage
TEF_08: Caricature of Doctor House
TEF_09: Animated gif
TEF_10: Ace five differences
TEF_11: StopMotion with GIMP
Scratch Task_01: Programming the children's house
Scratch Task_02: Promotion in G+
Tarefa: Line of Tempo on Industrial Galicia
Tarefa: Liña de Tempo.Galicia Industrial.Promotion to G+
Tarefa: Rosco Pasapalabra
trip line
tricks and tricks
Dismantling rumors and stereotypes about cultural diversity. CASTELLANO.19/XII/2014
Tarefa: Tweet polo bo trato, against gender violence
Tarefa: Podcast polo bo trato, against gender violence
Tarefa: Curta polo bo trato, against gender violence
Tarefa: Liña de tempo and rosco pasapalabra
OpenOffice Calc 2