StoFlo is a free software application within Microsoft Excel. It contains code that will perform rainflow cycle
counting. The required input is
ASCII data. The output is the range and mean of each cycle, as shown in the image on the right

Notes about StoFlo:
* Must have a legal copy of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer for StoFlo to work

* Must have macros enabled within Excel to use StoFlo (Tools->Macro->Security->Medium)
* Use at your own risk. No implied warranty of any kind

It would be greatly appreciated if you would consider supporting StoFlo development with a donation ($5 USD) by PayPal:
For people without PayPal accounts (credit card, check):
**Thank you VERY much
If you have any comments or questions regarding StoFlo, please send an email with the subject "Rainflow" to the
following address:
**Fatigue Life Plots**
**Sample Time Series Input**
**Actual Rainflow Cycle Output**
- Added ability to process up to 1048576 rows (over 1 million) of data
- More compatible with Excel 2007
- Added Ctrl+T option in case PV slice button doesn't work for users
- Corrected time series data display to show 1-32000 and 32001-64000 rows
- For bin sort,off screen updating and added userform to show progress of bin sorting,
- Updated instructions on first tab
- Added capability to process up to 65536 rows of data
- Corrected issue with rearranging data greater than 32000 rows
- Added button to easily clear time series data
- Thanks to feedback, corrected issue with following data not cycle counting correctly: 1t 95Mpa, 2t 126Mpa, 3t 65Mpa. Fix was to ignore PV slicing for data that contains 3 data points or fewer. Also added PV slicing after data is rearranged to make the highest absolute value magnitude the starting and ending point

- Cut time to perform rainflow counting to about 1/3 of what it was using new progress bar (thanks to Cameron Rout)
- Multiplied cell D32 on RangeMean tab by 1.001 to be more robust when bin sorting
- Changed the button that Macro15extremes is assigned to
- Corrected issue with last couple rainflow cycles being wrong on some sets of data
- Corrected issue with clearing data on the Input tab
- Corrected issue with data set (2,5,3,7,-100,-200)This should work now
- Added the following critical pre-processing step which has been missing since Stoflo inception:
    - "Arrange time history to start and end with the maximum absolute value point"

- Changed how clear data works on Nf RF tab
- Added plots to display strain life and stress life curves for specimen of interest

- Due to additional plots, overall file size now exceeds 4 MB. To reduce file size significantly, delete the tab titled "Nf RF Graphs"
- Added stress life with no mean stress correction to Nf RF tab
- Reduced overall file size to 366 kB!
- Eliminated the "Extremes" tab and moved data to the "Input" tab
- Cleaned up appearance and order of Nf RF tab
- Corrected issue with incorrect local stress on sheet Nf RF when K<2 "filter" "input" (if - 2000 3x 554 65536 9.03b: 9.03c: 9.03d: 9.03e: 9.03f: 9.03g: 9.04: < a added after algorithm and at below bin bottom button by calculates certain corrected count counted counting cycles data each enter equations even execute faster fatigue few file filter filtering fixed for getting ignore improved issue kb last life link made max maximum. method min minimum moved ms names needed). new nf non-peaks non-valleys not notched of office on option or out overall page peak pre prevent process rainflow rangemean reduced rf row rows screen sheet simplified size sorting specimen specimens spikes start strain stress support tabs that the this three threshholds, threshold times to user user-selected using values with working would>