Daniel’s XL Toolbox is a free, open-source add-in for the Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet software that helps you to analyze and present data and increases your productivity. Its primary target audience are life scientists, but it has proven useful for humanities and industry as well

## Analyze data
Collect data using the formula builder and transpose wizard; analyze your data by one-way or two-way ANOVA, linear regression or correlation; generate histograms from multiple columns; use the Toolbox to stratify your data and allocate subjects to study groups

## Present data
Use the XL Toolbox to add custom error bars, apply chart designs with few clicks, add series, watermarks or annotations and do much more with your charts. When you are ready to publish your work, use the chart export feature to produce ready-to-submit TIFF files

## Be productive
The XL Toolbox enhances your workflow with keyboard
shortcuts, automatic backups, worksheet
management and much more

Text/CSV file import and export features facilitate data exchange with other software such as R or gnuplot

## Get help & get involved
Add a translation, ask questions in the forum, subscribe to the Facebook, Google+, and Twitter feeds, listen to the XL Toolbox telegram or read the developer’s blog. Show your support and appreciation by citing the XL Toolbox

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 System requirements
Daniel’s XL Toolbox is compatible with Microsoft® Excel® 2007-2016 for Windows®

The Toolbox is not compatible with Excel running on Linux Wine and Excel for Mac

The addin installs into the personal user folder and does not require administrator rights to install. However, if you do have administrator rights on your system, you can also install it for all users.