Hardware is nothing without software
Functionally with steam as a cheap pc vr headset. Pico 4 is a really appealing option.
Quest 2 owners tempted by Pico 4, best to wait for Quest 3 I’d say. Use that Pico 4 money to buy a few quest games instead
Like previous console wars, it is all about exclusive games.Pico doesn't have any

Having said that, Meta is banned in China so Pico can get a lot of business there.As for a western invasion, if this was any other company I would have said they have zero chance

But it is Byte Dance and if I told you, a Chinese company is going to make the #1 social media app in the western world even five years ago, you would think I need to see a doctor immediately.But somehow they pulled off a reverse opium war on our teenagers

I am still Ouest all the way, until someone makes a far superior wireless PCVR headset.Quest 3 should easily match Pico 4 in hardware.