As interesting as this is I question the practicality for vtubing specifically (At least, at this time)

Most Vtubers play games, interact with chat and do a number of other stream management related tasks (many times using physical devices, like a Stream Deck) while using multiple displays and input devices. The passthrough on the QP isn't ideal for that use case, especially given the QP's camera quality.So it would seem to me to hinder many of the standard real world vtuber tasks

I suppose using the QPs 3 "monitor" view one could move parts of the system into VR as well (say a chat window and the game streaming from the PC).But really you'd get better results with a standard setup, like and iPhone, Leap Motion and Vseeface body tracking. And you also wouldn't run into battery issues for streams that exceed the QP's battery life

~~The only use case where I see the QP being ideal is for VRChat users, streaming from a PC but then again the QP's facial tracking functionality doesn't work with the PC directly and is restricted to native apps (Seems to be no longer applicable)