Phoner is a freeware program for Microsoft Windows, from Win7 to Win10

The software enables call connections to the fixed network, to mobile phones and to VoIP remote sites. Phoner can be used as a softphone on analog subscriber lines, on digital ISDN subscriber lines, and as an IP softphone on stationary and mobile computer systems

YES! Phoner is freeware. Phoner may be used, copied or made available for download free of charge in both private and business environments. Phoner is NOT open source. More information about the license here

SIP is currently the most commonly used protocol to set up a conversation via IP connections (e.g. Internet). By using SIP, Phoner can contact remote stations such as Asterisk and countless VoIP providers. The advantage is that only a functioning Internet connection is required

If the computer is connected to a telephone system or the public telephone network using an ISDN card, all the features of the ISDN network can be used by using the CAPI. The PC with Phoner then behaves like a normal ISDN telephone. The CAPI drivers are supplied by the relevant manufacturer of the ISDN hardware

TAPI is a generic interface for any communication hardware. This can be a telephone system, a telephone or hardware installed in the PC. On the other hand, this variety of options is unfortunately also a disadvantage. For this reason, it is unfortunately no longer possible for me to develop this mode further

PhonerLite is a version of Phoner specially adapted to VoIP/SIP. There are no settings for CAPI and TAPI, which simplifies the configuration

(C) Heiko Sommerfeldt