With today's hardware, it's sometimes really difficult to run DOS-programs. Even if the hardware-company tells you that their product is DOS-compatible, it often makes a lot of problems (like Creative does for their SoundBlaster live)

 Common problems are soundcards that don't have any Adlib or Soundblaster support or graphics hardware that doesn't support VESA or just a very small subset of it

 While there are sometimes hardware drivers available, you often won't find them linked on the vendor page

 This page should be a place to collect such information

Who cares about DOS? I'm using Windows 20xx, have a xx Memory 3D-Card and I'm playing the newest Quake all the day in my Windows and it works fine. Nobody cares about out-dated DOS-programs

If you think so, you can now leave this page, because you won't find anything interesting for you on this page

 There are a lot of people playing old games (like my favorite Monkey Island) and also a lot of people watching old Demos (like Second Reality/Future Crew)

 This page is dedicated to all Retro-Gamers and Demosceners

Ok, so how can I help?

This page is still very incomplete, so if you have information how to run specific hardware in DOS, work in a project for creating DOS drivers, don't hesitate to contact me

What are good resources to search for drivers?

The Usenet is a good ressource, because Newsgroups were the common place to share such information back in the earlier days of the Internet (when DOS was still used). Google groups (the old deja) has a long backlog of news archives, so it's a good place to start

 A good idea is probably also to look on the vendors page and ask vendors if they provide anything

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