Looking for top-end audio? The best PS5 headsets are what you need to enjoy the enhanced sound options offered by the console. In 2023, there's more options than ever to suit the budgets and sound preferences of all players. From cheaper cans to show-stopping flagships, there's a PS5 headset for everyone in the current year

The best PS5 headsets do wonders for immersing you in some of the best PS5 games, but can also give you an edge in multiplayer where being quick on the trigger makes all the difference. A good quality headset is essentially one of the best accessories for PS5 and can bring you a new sense of dynamics, especially if you're only used to the built-in speakers of a gaming TV

To take the pressure off shopping, we have compiled a list of the top performers on PS5 so you know exactly what to look for. If you’re looking to upgrade your setup, it might be worth turning your attention to the best monitors for PS5 if you've got a gaming desk

## Best PS5 Headsets in 2023
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The PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless headset is our number-one pick for the best PS5 headset. This is because of its affordable price point, native compatibility with the console, and a suite of features you do not typically see in the $98.99 / £89.99 / AU$139.99 range

The Sony PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is the must-own PS5 headset
PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset review
The simulated surround sound present with the PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless headset is solid across the board and delivers decent performance in-game while enjoying media and music. The headset pairs up instantly with the console through the wireless dongle, holding around 12 hours of playback battery life. While not as extensive as other listed models, that's enough for the average play session or two

With that said, it's the 3D Tempest AudioTech that is the main selling point with this model, though. In our testing, we found that this worked incredibly well to deliver a directional and immersive audio experience in titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. It's no direct trade-off for Dolby Atmos but certainly holds up in comparison

Support for the headset's tech continues toas more recent titles such as Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 also support Sony's 3D audio. The list continues to develop, too, as there are over 25 games that make use of it. If you're someone who wants to take sound seriously without breaking the bank, then this option has it all

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While we had many praises for the original model in our SteelSeries Arctis 7p Wireless review, this revised model largely addresses many of the first headset's issues that we had. What's been improved is the far better battery life with around 30 hours of playback, alongside full support for the Tempest 3D AudioTech here. So, you aren't missing out on the console's more unique audio features

The versatility of the Arctis 7p+ Wireless is what's the biggest standout feature here. You see, through one 2.4 GHz dongle, you've got native support for not only the PS5, but also for PS4, Switch, PC, and Android devices. This means that the one headset can not only thrive on Sony's console but work flawlessly with the gear you already own, too

Priced at $169.99 / £174.99 / AU$419, this is far from the cheapest PS5 headset available on the market, but you're getting roughly double the battery life of Sony's proprietary model with the increased build quality and the 3D audio technology here as well. If you're after a premium option that ticks all the boxes, for the latest system and more

There's no reason that a cheap PS5 headset has to sacrifice build or sound quality, and that's the mantra of the Razer Kaira X for PlayStation. The cheaper variant of the brand's officially licensed gaming headset features the same high-quality 50mm Tri-Force audio drivers and memory foam ear cushions of options far above the usual asking rate

That's because the Razer Kaira X for PlayStation comes in at just $59.99 / £59.99 / AU$120. The main trade-off for that competitive asking price is that you're not getting a wireless connection. Still, if you cope with being tethered to your console, there's a balanced sound profile and a quality microphone for use in-game, too

While it's true that some wired PS5 headsets can come in cheaper than this, you're getting Razer's coveted build quality, meaning that they will last you many years to come. If our Razer Kaira review is anything to go by it's that we can confidently recommend a cheaper alternative built on the same solid framework

In terms of premium PS5 headsets, it doesn't get more boutique than the Astro A50 Wireless. This is reflected in the design language and the high-end construction

It's a little on the big and bulky side, however, our testing found that meant it had the right amount of heft on the head, fitting well with the strap and cupping the ears nicely to a point where we forgot we were wearing it. Although the microphone cannot be detached, it folds up and mutes automatically, which is a good quality of life inclusion

The A50 provides all-around stellar sound, with the kind of excellent localization that will take your gaming experience to the next level
Astro A50 review
Priced at $299 / £299 / AU$480, you would expect the Astro A50 PS5 headset to sound the part, and fortunately, it passes this test with flying colors. Arguably the greatest strength here is the 7.1 software simulated surround sound, which we felt largely held its own compared to other encompassing audio solutions. There's a balanced mix to the audio profile here, separating the A50s from the competition

All told, if you're in the market for a PS5 headset that looks great, is well constructed, and utilizes premium audio features then the Astro A50 is sure to satisfy those with the cash to spare. This isn't going to be an option for everyone after all and is very clearly aimed at audiophiles and enthusiast gamers. While not essential, could help you get closer to your ideal encompassing setup

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If you don't mind being plugged in then the Epos H3 gaming headset serves favorably for those who want to get the best value for money

Our testing found that this model pulled double duty for playing games and consuming media as well, as there's a clean and flat audio profile which doesn't distract or subtract from the source audio. Because this is a wired headset, any device with a 3.5mm jack can take advantage of them, too

The Epos H3 is an extremely comfortable headset that delivers well-balanced and detailed sound
Epos H3 review
A great strength of the Epos H3 is that they don't break the bank. While this headset was once a little pricier than some wireless options, that's now no longer the case. You can score these for $99.99 / £89 / AU$129 but they are frequently discounted below this rate, too. The versatility here means that this headset will also work on other compatible devices, such as your smartphone and rival consoles

One thing that we particularly like about the Epos H3 is the built-in mic. While it's no replacement for one of the best microphones on the market, we found that the one attached to this set sounded excellent and did a more-than-serviceable job of washing out any unwanted background audio when in the middle of intense gaming sessions with friends

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 Best PS5 headset - Frequently asked questions
 Does the PS5 need a specfic headset?

Although the PS5 doesn’t necessarily need a special headset, many features are worth making the most of with the headsets on the market. They are designed to make you feel closer to the games you’re playing, so having a headset to encourage things like 3D audio is worthwhile to ensure you’re making the most of your console

 What headsets work with the PS5?
Since the PS5 has a 3.5mm jack, it supports many wired headsets, but the PS5 isn’t necessarily compatible with every wireless headset. So before purchasing, it’s always best to check whether or not the product is compatible with the console, especially with third-party companies

 Is PS5 3D audio good?
If you make the most of the PS5 3D audio, you'll definitely hear a difference. This audio is designed to create a truly immersive experience during your gaming session, and paired with a great gaming monitor or gaming TV, the greatest PS5 games will have you slipping into new realities for hours at a time without realizing it. So if you’re desperate for a genuinely consuming gaming experience, 3D audio is a great feature to make the most of.