= Introducing the DualSense Edge wireless controller =

Dualsense is a great controller but it's PC potential is seriously hamstrung until they add support for the haptic/adaptive features to work wirelessly

They really should just make a dongle like Microsoft did Love my DualSense but I heavily rely on Steam Input

Would require Sony caring about PC beyond it being just a way to squeeze more money out of games that no longer sell copies on last gen consoles

I guess that is one solution to stick drift. Just sell new modules. Seems like a LOT of wasted plastic and overengineering to make them modular (rather than just an easy to disassemble/reassemble controller) but the bar is real low

Are the bottom "buttons" actually buttons or for the stick swapping? Because those look

Has anyone ever figured out stick drift? Any controller I’ve ever used has it to some extent
Depends on how much they cost and how often they fail, I guess

Forgive mybut how is that useful (beyond replacing broken ones, presumably)?
I bought a dualsense last week for Spider-Man after hearing so many good things about the controller. And while those good things may be true, the PC support is very barebones. Having to wire in for the dualsense features is annoying—they need a wireless adapter or something

And then there’s the fact that it doesn’t play well with Steam input - which, ironically, makes the controller even work at all in a number of games that only support xinput (it translates the input to be Xbox style in those games). You have to disable to PS controller support on Steam in order to get full haptics and adaptive triggers in games like Spider-Man

I was underwhelmed when I tried it initially because it was not using those features. The average user won’t know how to fix that. It needs to be more plug n play

Check ds4tool, still have to wired for haptics but I find it works much better than steam input
I use an 8bitdo dongle

I was underwhelmed with spider man too. I tried about 6 different games with Dualsense support this week and the best ones were definitely Death Stranding and Deathloop. Farcry 6 uses the triggers really well but I wish it had a little more haptic feedback and Metro Exodus uses the triggers really well too but the vibrations are too much in that game. At least it's still new into the current gen so it won't be long before a lot more PC games use the Dualsense features

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