= I have this dualsense that has drift and I wanted to sell it, but I don't know what the correct value would be, for you? =

Contact Playstation, go to the technician and they change the joystick for a new one. I had problems with the R2 that had lost resistance and what I told you at the beginning happened

I would have to try, obviously I prefer to pay for a repair than to buy a new one
This is the second time this has happened to me, bah, at first it was drifting, they gave me a new one and now the L2 is loose, I'm going to have to contact me The ps5 joysticks arenot even the Xbox series joystick drama still and it's already almost 1 year
What are you doing old man, I tell you the same thing they told you above, I also failed the Joystick that I had with the R2, I took it to the official Sony technician, I don't know if you are from Bs As but in Almagro there is one, who doesn't even ask you and they give you a new one, also when they give you the same one they give you a voucher that renews the guarantee for 1 more year, I changed both controls because unfortunately I bought it from the console and they came out terrible, but this version I had no problems

The truth was that there were so many who told me that the truth is what I am seeing now, do you have the address/number of that place? Now I was about to call one that Sony leaves as an authorized location that is here in downtown
EDIT: do you know if this is it? TECHNIC SUC ALMAGRO Av. Rivadavia 4240 (1205), Almagro CABA, Buenos Aires
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Notsomeone haha, sell it like "it has a drift, that's why half comes out"
If you can't communicate with Playstation, and you can't find someone to fix it for you:
You can open it, clean the component with isopropyl alcohol and a swab (not cotton, a material that does not leave threads or fibers)

The contact that reads the analog is stained with a kind of rubber that the component has (and due to use), that generates the drift

I did it recently, it's a gem. There are several videos on youtube about it and it is not specifically difficult, you just have to do it carefully

The truth is that I don't mind opening it and touching it because I've never done anything like that, I went to the Sony page (obviously they don't give you anything like a phone number) but following the repair support steps, it showed me the list of authorized places to repairs, although it doesn't inspire all the faith in me I prefer to call one of these places, let them do what you tell me it's so easy and if they do it wrong they replace it, I'll see how I do Thanks
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