PS5 restocks are kicking off this week, just in time for the annual holiday sales. You'll find bundles on the shelves and speedy shipping across both the US and UK right now, with a particularly strong showing Stateside

That's because
**Walmart** (opens in new tab)'s latest PS5 restock has held out nicely into this morning. We're still seeing God of War: Ragnarok bundles on the shelves here - and while yesterday's drop was reserved for Walmart+ members, it looks like anyone can have at these consoles right now. The last time Walmart hosted PS5 stock it managed to cling on for a number of weeks. At this time of year we're not too optimistic for a repeat, so it's worth heading over as soon as you can. Of course, if you're after a standalone device, the best thing to do today is sign up for **Amazon** (opens in new tab)'s email invite system - we regularly see drops landing on Fridays

Over in the UK,
**Game** (opens in new tab) is still holding onto Digital Edition consoles but **ShopTo** (opens in new tab) has the best offer on the shelves right now. You'll find a God of War: Ragnarok bundle up for grabs with a free £10 gift card included - effectively netting you the bundle for £529

You'll find all the latest PS5 restock action just below, as well as the retailers you should be checking every day and our own top tips for finding new stock further down the page

And just before we cut right to it, remember that the Black Friday PS5 deals and Black Friday gaming deals are just around the corner. While we might not see a price cut on the consoles themselves, we could see some extra bundles appear, or some great price cuts across games and accessories

## Where to buy PS5 today
You'll find the current PS5 stock situation as of 04:53am ET / 9.53am GMT on Tuesday, November 22 below

**Amazon | ** **Register for email invites** (opens in new tab) **Amazon has been restocking via its email invites every week for a while now. If you're after a standalone console, this is the only way to get your hands on a device right now, so we'd highly recommend getting your name down for an email invite. You'll also find a Horizon Forbidden West bundle
** **up for grabsopens in new tab) and a Digital Edition **bundle as wellopens in new tab). **US - Walmart | ** **God of War bundles available** (opens in new tab)
Walmart has the God of War: Ragnarok bundle readily on the shelves today, after launching its first round of PS5 restocks in a while on Monday. Last time we saw the console on these shelves, it held on for a considerable amount of time but we wouldn't be slow about jumping on this stock

**UK | Game - ** **cheapest bundle £449.99** (opens in new tab) **Game has the Digital Edition console on the shelves still, which means it has the cheapest bundles on the market right now. You'll also find plenty more where that came from as well, if you're looking to mix and match accessories and games

**UK | ShopTo - ** **cheapest bundle £539.85** (opens in new tab) **ShopTo is offering the - technically - cheapest Disk Edition console right now. That's because it's also throwing in a
** **free £10 gift card**with these God of War Ragnarok packages

## PS5 restocks - US
**Amazon - ** **register for email invites** (opens in new tab)
Amazon has been handing out email invites for PS5 stock for some time now, and we regularly see new waves up for grabs every Friday. That means it's well worth getting your name listed - this is one of the only ways to get your hands on a console by itself after all

**PS5** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **PS5 Digital Edition** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **Horizon Forbidden West bundle** (opens in new tab) **Walmart - ** **God of War bundles in stock** (opens in new tab)
We've just hit the first of Walmart's three PS5 restocks due to land this week. Yesterday's drop was reserved for Walmart+ members, but we're seeing these God of War bundles available for everyone this morning

**PS5** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **PS5 Digital** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **Horizon Forbidden West bundle** (opens in new tab)
**Sony - ** **God of War bundles in stock** (opens in new tab) **Sony has got the PS5 back on the shelves today, with God of War: Ragnarok bundles ready to ship. You'll still need a PSN ID to purchase here, but it's your best bet for getting an order in right now

** **Best Buy** (opens in new tab) ** - last seen November 7
**Best Buy had its first PS5 restock for a good few months on November 7, but this one didn't stick around. Reserved for Total Tech members, this latest wave of consoles flew off the shelves and haven't been seen since. **PS5** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **PS5 Digital** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **Horizon Forbidden West bundle** (opens in new tab)
**GameStop** (opens in new tab) ** - last restock September 24
**GameStop has been out of therace recently. We saw Pro Members rocking up to brick and mortar stores to enjoy exclusive PS5 bundles back in September, but haven't heard anything since. **PS5** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **PS5 Digital (bundle (opens in new tab) ** | ** **Horizon Forbidden West Bundle** (opens in new tab)
**Target** (opens in new tab) ** - last restock April 15**
Target has moved to an in-store first approach, which means you'll be able to scout out local stock without competing against the entire country. The last time we saw an online PS5 restock here was back in April, so we'd recommend checking your regional availability

**PS5** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **PS5 Digital** (opens in new tab)
## PS5 restocks - UK
**Amazon - ** **sign up for email invites** (opens in new tab)
Amazon is the best place to get your eye on a standalone console in the UK. While other retailers have had spotty stock over the last few months, we'd heavily recommend having this running the background. If you're lucky, you'll receive an exclusive link to buy a PS5 console in your inbox during the next restock wave

**PS5** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **PS5 Digital** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **Horizon Forbidden West Bundle** (opens in new tab)
**Game - ** **cheapest bundle £449.99** (opens in new tab) **This FIFA 23 Digital Edition bundle has just swooped back onto the shelves at Game. This package arrived yesterday, while the rest of Game's offerings took a backseat. We're seeing plenty more bundles up for grabs today, though

** **PS5** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **PS5 Digital** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **Horizon Forbidden West bundle** (opens in new tab)
**ShopTo - ** **cheapest bundle £539.85 (backorder (opens in new tab) **ShopTo has this God of War: Ragnarok bundle available to order for £539.85 right now - with a £10 gift card. That's the best value we're seeing on the shelves right now, but this stock is stuck on backorder

** **PS5** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **PS5 Digital** (opens in new tab)
**Sony - ** **cheapest bundle £539.99** (opens in new tab) **While we were previously seeing standalone PS5 stock on the shelves at Sony, we're back to bundles today. God of War: Ragnarok is the order of the day here, available with a disk console for £539.99

** **Very - ** **cheapest bundle £599.99** (opens in new tab)
Very is no longer selling the God of War Ragnarok bundle by itself - instead, you'll need to also pick up a copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to secure yourself access to this stock. Still, at £599.99 this is far from the most expensive bundle on the market

**Horizon Forbidden West Bundle** (opens in new tab)
**Studio - ** **cheapest bundle £629.99** (opens in new tab) **Studio was previously offering some cheaper Digital Edition bundles, but you'll find this £629.99 Disk Edition mega-pack in its place today. You're getting God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, and the latest Call of Duty here

** **Currys - ** **cheapest bundle £659** (opens in new tab) **Currys' cheaper bundles have been swept off the shelves, but we are still seeing disk edition consoles live and ready to ship. These packages are a little pricier, at £659, but come with copies of Gotham Knights and God of War: Ragnarok and a Razer Barracuda X headset

** **PS5** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **PS5 Digital** (opens in new tab)
**BT** (opens in new tab)last seen October 12
**BT has been offering PS5 stock to its own customers for weeks now, but it looks like that supply has finally run dry. You won't find any consoles here at the moment, but stay tuned because these are often some of the best value bundles out there. **PS5** (opens in new tab) ** | ** **PS5 Digital** (opens in new tab)
## PS5 restocks - Canada
Canada PS5 ($629.99):in new tab) | Walmart(opens in new tab) | Best Buy(opens in new tab) Canada PS5 Digital Edition ($499.99):in new tab) | Best Buy(opens in new tab) | Walmart(opens in new tab)
## Our PS5 restock top tips
We've been tracking PS5 restocks since the console launched, scouring the web day after day for even a hint of a DualSense on the shelves. That means we've seen hundreds of drops come and go and resisted the urge to dive into each and every one ourselves. We've certainly picked up some tips and tricks to finding these elusive drops along the way

**1. Register for email invites
**This is the first thing you need to do as soon as you consider buying a PS5. Amazon and Sony both offer the chance to sign up for an email invite to their future stock drops and you should be taking them up on it. While you're not guaranteed a win in these situations, you will have a far greater chance of waking up to some good news. **2. Sign in and save your details
**If you come across a PS5 restock out in the wild, the last thing you'll want to be doing is faffing at checkout. This is where we see the vast majority of punters missing out, their consoles sniped from right under their noses. This is a race, so you'll need to be as speedy through the process as possible. The best way to do so is sign in with all the retailers above and save your payment and shipping details to reduce clicks when it's crunch time. **3. Consider memberships
**While this isn't such a big deal as it was earlier in the year (Best Buy has stopped reserving stock for its Total Tech members and Amazon doesn't require a Prime account any longer), Walmart still aims its restocks at its Plus members only. It's worth investing in a month's membership if you hear about a Walmart restock due. You'll have plenty of advance warning with this particular retailer. **4. Follow social media
**Social media has been a saving grace in the great console race - it's simply the fastest way to find out about stock drops happening right now. And you'll need that speed. We're still seeing PS5s selling out in minutes at certain US retailers (the UK seems to be holding out a little longer), which means every second counts once a store pushes that big red button. **5. Keep refreshing
**Refreshing a site's page when you know a restock is going down all around you means you'll have the best chance to landing on a good wave. These sites go bananas when consoles land, which means they can often buckle under the pressure and show an out of stock message. Keep trying and you'll likely catch a winning loop. **6. Don't give up
**If you've hammered that refresh button to death and you're still getting nowhere, don't give up. We sometimes see sites turning off the faucet when the demand grows too high, only to switch those consoles back on again once interest has waned. Stick around for another wave of stock and you could get lucky. **7. Don't buy from marketplace sellers
**If you're new to the PS5 restock race you may be tempted to sink some extra cash into a scalper's listing. Don't. There are plenty of PS5 restocks happening every month and there's no need to pay more than the MSRP

 Should you buy PS5 restock bundles?
Picking up a PS5 by itself is far more difficult than finding it bundled up with some games and accessories. Retailers prefer to package extra kit into their listings, and they do tend to stick around on the shelves a lot longer. We'd always recommend checking the value of the additional PS5 accessories you're buying against the total of the bundle, however, to make sure you're not being ripped off - you should only ever pay MSRP for anything you find

 Is it still hard to buy PS5?
The state of PS5 stock today depends on your region. In the US, individual consoles are particularly difficult to locate and even bundles represent a rare opportunity. However, over in the UK we're seeing far more bundles holding their position on the shelves (standalone consoles are still rare)

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