New amp/dac help for Hifiman XS Previously I had a Philips x2hr and Focusrite Scarlett solo as an audio interface. For context, I mainly just play games where positional audio is important, but I also do some home music creation and have a xlr mic. I just ordered a Hifiman xs and was debating the purchase of the modi-magni schitt stack. Mainly, I wanted to know if I would get a justifiable improvement(if I should even bother buying the amp and dac) and if there were any potential better alternatives considering black friday is just 5 days away. Also to clarify, the magni heresy(heretic on the website?) is generally considered better, and if I wanted to keep my xlr mic I just use the audio interface as input and the stack as output?

Do you have to pay duty from the UK I am from the UK, i have ordered the Sennheiser 6XX now i am getting a text message from Custom Clearance LTD to pay duty £48.03. Is this right can anybody tell. Thanks

Is there either a place to order form insert replacements (not pads) for the HD58x headphones? If not, is there a certain type of foam material I should be looking for to make them myself if not available? P.S. Is there a search function? I could not find one. Thank you!

Kind of aquestion here. I have the topping A30 Pro. I have Senneheiser HD 6XX and Focal Clears. I was wondering if it is fine to use both headphones at the same time through different headphone outputs. The Clear to XLR and the HD 6XX to the 1/4' jack. Is this using too much of the headphone amp? Do I lose any power to either headphones? I'm not so savvy in this area and am wondering if anyone has done this with any other headphone amps. Specifically so two people can listen at the same time. Thank you in advance. Best regards

Is it better to have a good DAC with an "ok" iem or a good iem with no DAC? Currently, I have a kz zsn pro, and I'm saving up cash, though I'm still unsure if I should get a portable DAC first or get a better pair of iems first.