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# The Best Sony PlayStation 5 Controllers for Next-Level Gameplay
From a phone gamepad to a racing wheel

The Sony PlayStation 5 is a phenomenal gaming console, and the DualSense wireless controller is one of the many reasons why. After getting my hands on a Sony PlayStation 5 long after its 2020 launch, I was immediately impressed by the quality and performance of the DualSense wireless controller — its tactile feedback makes its rivals feel dated, even obsolete in comparison

Since the PlayStation 5 has been on shelves for almost 2 years, big-name makers of gaming accessories have come up with noteworthy alternatives to the DualSense wireless controller. We spent a few weeks sifting through products tailor-made for various gaming genres and gameplay styles to determine which ones are worthy of leveling up your gameplay

 The Best Third-Party Controllers for PlayStation 5
 What to Consider
The most important thing you need to know before buying a third-party PlayStation 5 gaming controller is that it won’t produce the same sensory feedback as the original DualSense wireless controller. If you're looking for a backup or an extra controller to share with a co-player, the official PlayStation 5 controller is your best option. Sony offers the accessory in multiple colors at an agreeable price

That said, third-party gamepads can offer customizable controls and unique features that the Sony DualSense wireless controller lacks. The differences can range from fully customizable exteriors and hardware to unique layouts for specific gaming genres, all the way to next-level smartphone integration

 Form Factor
Unlike the original Sony controller, third-party gamepads deliver unique layouts for specific gaming genres. Save for the SCUF Reflex controller that’s similar to the DualSense, you can choose between an arcade-like stick like the HORI Fighting Stick Alpha, a gamepad with a button setup for fighting games from the same maker, or a full-on racing wheel for simulation racing by Logitech. It’s up to your exact preference to determine what type of controller you need

Most third-party PlayStation 5 controllers utilize a wired connection, and that’s perfectly fine. In addition to maintaining a robust connection to your console, a wired controller will ensure you don’t have to worry about recharging batteries

Find the best PlayStation 5 controller for your gameplay style among these top-rated third-party offerings

 Key Specs
|Controls||Six-button layout, short-throw stick|
|Connectivity||Wired (USB-A)|
|Other||Adjustable D-pad, audio jack|
 Key Specs
|Controls||Console-quality buttons, triggers, and thumbsticks|
|Connectivity||Wired (Lightning)|
|Other||Audio jack|
 Key Specs
|Controls||Steering wheel, paddle shifters, standard D-pad and buttons|
|Connectivity||Wired (USB-A)|
|Other||2-year warranty|
 Key Specs
|Controls||Fight stick, Hayabusa buttons|
|Connectivity||Wired (USB-A)|
|Other||Audio jack, customizable panel|