# Digital Foundry - Dirt 5 Next-Gen Interview: Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, 120fps + Much More

As a primarily PC gamer I haven't been all that interested in Xbox for a while now, skipped this whole generation with them for the first time ever, but that reaction about the S was pretty dang intriguing. I've no interest in the Series X as I've got my PS5 ordered and again, I believe I'll be playing most Microsoft titles on PC, but at the very low cost of the S that's fairly tempting

I am concerned about the longevity of such high quality experiences on it compared to the X or PS5, but it's very nice to hear how capable it is with currently in-dev titles. I think I'd still be hesitant to recommend it to a friend as their only console with the future in mind (and considering PS4/One performance compared to their upgraded versions at this stage) but as a secondary box in the case of those with a PC or PS5? I think it honestly might be a pretty safe recomendation

Pretty good interview. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if dirt 5 sales exceed their expectations. From the looks of it there aren't many aaa racing games on the console market like their uses too. Need for speed dev Ghost got down sized iirc so that's franchise might be done for a while. Who knows when the next Forza motorsport or horizon is gonna come out. Which just leaves dirt 5

Criterion is the main NFS dev again. I'm sure we'll hear about a new game in a year

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