= New PlayStation updated overnight I’m so ready for Starlink. Sorry, just need to vent to those that’d understand. 5.6 GB for the next month yay =

I don’t know where you live, but look up T-Mobile home internet. $60/month with no data caps and no contract. I get about 25-35 mbps down and 2 up. Some do much better with it. It’s my holdover internet until I get Starlink. Not perfect but I play PS4 on it all of the time. It’s a good option without a contract. I got rid of VIASAT. VIASAT is thecompany on the planet

Got it a few days ago. Averaging 8-12 down and 3-4 up. I had to dismantle it to get to the antenna ports so I could hook my Yagis up to it. I was getting 0-1 bar and now I'm getting 2. Still, better than I was getting with my Verizon setup (they stuck me on hotspot so I needed an alternative). I'm really surprised I got signal at all. The closest tower is 8 miles away and I'm surrounded by 70ft pines

Still I was hoping for the "guaranteed minimum" the rep told me of 25mbps down which I knew was horseshit. You can't automatically guarantee speeds like that, especially in my neck of the woods

Dang. What speed is that 5.6gb at? I feel your pain I just have a at&t mobile hotspot for my internet and I only get like 20gb a month but it's always gone on the next day after the billing cycle starts so I have to play fortnite mobile with 8mbps all month and wait all day to play whenever they update

I feel your pain!! We are with Viasat but have pre-ordered Starlink. It can't come soon enough. I pay about $170/mo for "unlimited HOWEVER once we hit 100GB it it unbearable! Everyone in the house knows that starting on the 24th of each month we will get a week, maybe a week and a half, of decent speeds. Then forget it. I almost wonder why I keep paying for Netflix & Hulu

I understand this more than I would like to 12gb data cap with Viasat, refuse to upgrade to their "Unlimited" plan and go under contract for 2 more years, not to mention spend at least $50 more a month. I've given up on not using data because I can run out in a day no matter what I do, I download updates/games when I go to sleep. I've stopped playing some games because of the size/frequency of their updatesI think RDR2 took two weeks to download