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- Potemkin
= On behalf of Xbox and Switch members of the FGC, I'd like to wish everyone getting to play Strive tomorrow on Playstation a happy Launch Day! =

Here's to hoping we'll be able to join you and the PC players in Strive one day. Whenever it is, if it does come, I'll be ready for it. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the game! With that said..

Let's Rock!
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I hope Guilty Gear Strive: Re;Shmaxed Vibe or whatever the title of the eventual refresh release is, is going to also come out on Xbox. I know it's a super unlikely pipe dream, but all of my friends play on Xbox and I'd have an easier time getting them into the game if I could just play on the home console with them. Oh well, I just stick to hoping that they add PC to crossplay

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