= [REQUEST] [PLAYSTATION] A $10 Gift Card (NA Region) for Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower on PS Vita ($9.99) [2nd Attempt] =

Hello GOG! I hope everyone's doing well right now. I'll try and keep this short. My request, is as the title says. I am here (
*for my second attempt*) in hopes to get my request fulfilled and that is to receive a copy of *. Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower for the PS Vita*
A little bit about myself, I am Gazna (hello again lol). I am a small artist, or should I say a very, small, aspiring, artist. I draw both digital and traditional art. For digital, I usually draw character illustrations and fanarts. For traditional, I do mostly realistic portraits (some samples). Doing art is also my main source of income. I myself am doing some Art Commissions/Requests, but unfortunately nofor many months now (if you're interested or someone you know, send me a message :) )

When it comes to gaming, I started playing at a young age. Twisted Metal was my first video game (on PS1) but what really got me into gaming was Monster Hunter (2nd G/Freedom Unite on PSP). As I grew up I found more games that I loved like Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy (on PC), GTA V (on PS3, PS4, and PC), and Destiny 1 & 2 (on PS3, PS4, and PC). From what I realized playing multiple games, I love having the freedom to explore the game's world. Just being able to immerse yourself to the point that you would imagine in your head like you're in that world and playing the main character myself (yea I like to do that, a bit embarrassing but I love these games that much lol)

Well I rediscovered this game just recently, I'd say a week ago. I say rediscovered because when I found out about this game I searched online about the characters and found a familiar face named Sasquatch. He is a character I used when I played a random Darkstalkers game that one time in my life from like a decade ago. That's really just it. Unfortunately I can't remember that first and only time I played a Darkstalkers games. All I remember was button mashing with Sasquatch while he attacks with his big hands and feet

I recently have got into fighting games in general. For the longest time Tekken was the only fighting game I played because I felt like I wouldn't enjoy other fighting games. But about a week ago I found out this one creator/streamer named Maximilian Dood. People in FGC probably know him but for those who don't, he is a creator who mostly plays fighting games in general along with his friends. I've been binge watching his gameplay videos including reaction videos and have found out multiple fighting games because of him. Now if you're wondering why this game specifically? Why not the most recent Darkstalkers, or maybe since I've checking out every fighting game available, why not the latest fighting games released like Guilty Gear Strive? Mainly two things, one I wanted to experience handheld/portable gaming again. PS Vita is my current best handheld/portable console right now. I don't own a high-end smart phone nor do I own a Switch so this is the best I can do. The second reason is this is the cheapest fighting game I saw available on the PS Vita. There are other fighting games available there, such as Tekken 6, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R and even Dissidia 012 (which I requested here a few times months ago). Both Tekken 6 and Guilty Gear are $15 while Street Fighter X Tekken is a whopping $40 there. I'd definitely would want to try both Guilty Gear, Street Fighter X Tekken, and all the other fighting games on PC like Guilty Gear Strive or Dead or Alive or King of Fighters as I have never tried any of those games but asking for those here, I am very sure, would have a lower chance of being fulfilled (especially the ones that cost over $40 Regarding Tekken 6 and Dissidia 012, I've played countless hours of those already years ago and also I wanted to try something new so I don't mind not getting those right now. Anyways those are my reasons as to why I wanted Darkstalkers Chronicles

We got hit really hard by the pandemic and now trying to focus to use all our cash for buying only the essentials (mainly food) and pay bills. Like I said earlier, I am doing some Art Commissions and I use that to try and help, but unfortunately nofor months now. I've also decided to sell some of my things to try and help the family, so far that's not been too good as well. Originally it was my plan to earn cash to buy these for myself but there's too many essential things that we have to buy/pay for every single month like its never ending

That is all I can say for now. To the people who read through this all, I am very sorry for taking too much of your time. Anyways, if there will be a person out there who would fulfill this request, from the bottom of my heart thank you very much for making 2021 better for me and possibly the rest of it. I am very happy that I was able to share all of this with you all. :)
My profile:
httpsmy.playstation.com/profile/GaznaThePug (My account is NA Region)
PlayStation Store link:
(This is a web archive link because you can no longer view this on PC but you can still view and buy it from the PS Vita's PS Store directly, which is why I am asking for a gift card instead of the actual game)
**PS: sorry for any grammar errors, English is not my first language** 
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