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r/psx - Picked up my first Playstation a few weeks ago! The collection is small for now but growing.

r/GiftofGames - [REQUEST] [PLAYSTATION] A $10 Gift Card (NA Region) for Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower on PS Vita ($9.99) [2nd Attempt]

r/Dominican - En la victoria le quitaron 35 playstation a unos reos xd que opinan de que unos reos vivan mejor que muchos libres ?

r/gaming - New DLC for Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries just released for PC/Xbox/Playstation. A lot of new content and you can now equip your massive robots with melee weapons for the first time in a Mechwarrior game :D #chopchop

r/AmongUs - Don’t know if this was posted, but on the epic games version of among us, there’s some files that mention playstation, a ps4 and ps5 version of the game is coming so this may mean that its coming soon. Take it with a grain of salt, don’t know how long this files have been here.

r/Stellarisconsole - Would someone tell me how pop growth works at this moment on playstation? a link to a video reference for that and other tips would super helpful as well!!

r/Guiltygear - On behalf of Xbox and Switch members of the FGC, I'd like to wish everyone getting to play Strive tomorrow on Playstation a happy Launch Day!

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