= With great market success of $700-$1200 PS5 in last one year, SONY may well priced the PS6 @999.99 ! =

I think that analysis is a tad simplistic. A few people (relatively speaking) are willing to pay above retail because they have more money than they need, are impatient, areare desperate, or some combination. The majority of people are still getting a PS5 via retail outlets and aren't comfortable paying a higher price

If the retail price was $1,000 and there was a shortage, then theoretically resellers would be selling it for even more and you'd come to the same conclusion (albeit with fewer purchasers, most likely). But undoubtedly Sony would have trouble moving units for that price point. The value isn't there, necessarily, or at least not what most consumers are comfortable spending

This "analysis" is just oneredditor linking directly to an image on Vox's CDN but adding a title to make it seem like a legitimate story. Perhaps the work of a scalper trying to create FOMO and drive sales

People spend over $1,000 for an iPhone. Why wouldn’t people pay that much if Sony set the price that high? People upgrade cell phones every 2 years and upgrade a console ever what 6-7 years. I’d pay it if Sony set the price. I don’t think they’d have trouble moving units. $1,000 is not much money at all

Most definitely They see people are paying $700+ to resellers. Be prepared for it to be sold online again too

My pc already cost $2000, if I was going to put $1000 anywhere it’d be buying a current gen gpu not a console

yeah i love console gaming but at $1k i’d rather just put the extra down to build a pc
I mean that's definitely a steep price, but the people who buy from scalpers are already not worried about money so I'm not sure if they wouldsince only 10 percent of PS5's were sold by scalpers
That being said, for me personally of they really justified the price in terms of hardware and upgrades i wouldn't have a problem paying 1000 for a PS6

The key word is they have to justify the price

If it was $1000 I wouldn’t have bought 4 of them for friends and family. If they did, good luck to them. That’d be a no from me

It would be a way for the people that are willing to pay, to still make them their money. But then you have people like US that will give a bigNO, YA THOUGHT to that 
At a minimum I definitely see them moving the price from $399-499 to $499-$599, which was the ps3 launch price

["five hundred and ninety-nine U.S. Dollars it's Ridge Racer Riiiiiiiiidge Racer (httpswww.youtube.com/watch?v=pRqKffIjCDU)
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