= What lessons do you think Sony will learn from the PS5 when they design the PS6? =

The PS3 was quite powerful back in 2007, but was very difficult for developers to build for due to its unique hardware architecture

In 2013 the PS4 addressed this by changing its architecture to be much more simple and straightforward, which made developing games and porting games much easier. The PS4 also had a really cool fan that loved to be on 24/7 at maximum capacity, and it’s games also had a tendency to include long corridors that you could only traverse at a reduced speed to allow the console time to load the next section

In 2020 the PS5 uses a unique thermal architecture to protect from an overactive/noisy fan, and also reimagines the entire data pipeline from storage to processor to allow insanely fast loading everywhere

Where does Sony go from here? I think it is always safe to assume a newer console will have a better processor, memory, storage, but what unique technology do you think they’ll add? What architecture changes do you think we’ll see? What issues with the PS5 will they try to address?

It is way too early to think about that. The PS5 is not even 2 years old yet and we have not seen the full potential of the console due the prolonged cross gen period were are in now. It also hard to predict upcoming technical advancements in the next 2 or 3 years

Yeah very good point. In hindsight, I probably asked this question 4 years too early 😂
I think the PS5 is incredible so I'm being as nitpicky as possible here, but here goes:
Sony need to expect to meet crazy crazy demands and then some. The fact you still can't just go to a shop and buy one nearly 2 years on isI know they're much easier to get hold of these days but yeah

Storage needs to start from 2TB, even offering a 4TB model would be smart. 825GB (minus some for system storage) doesn't really cut it when all the new AAA titles are 90+GB, I imagine people will be feeling this in the coming months with CoD, Warzone and GoW: Ragnarok all coming out so close together. Games aren't getting any smaller in size going forward. I love the approach Sony has took with the SSD slot and I hope they continue with this going forward, but 2TB should be the starting point for the PS6

Improvements to the Wi-Fi cards - my daughters Xbox Series S handles lag/ping better from the other side of the house than my PS5 ever did from the room next door to the router - although this one could just be me. Switching to Ethernet made such a big difference in my case

Better battery life with the next controllers, although they could still address this through the PS5's life. Or give the option for batteries/charge packs. Not trying to sound too Team Xbox here, I'd still take a Dualsense over any Xbox pad any day of the week but it can get annoying having to charge or alternate pads after 2-3 hours

I think they could/should make it smaller than the PS5 and will probably attempt to do so, although I guess this is personal preference. We'll probably see this before the PS6 I'd imagine

EDIT: Never, ever to go fully digital. This takes the fun away from sharing games or scoring that bargain on eBay that allowed you to experience a new game that you otherwise couldn't afford. Or avoiding paying £60 for Activision titles from a decade ago

Everything that Sony set out to achieve with the PS5 they did really well imo, and I'd expect the same of the PS6 when that finally releases. Again I think my points are really picky but it's just the things that I've picked up on since owning mine

I love my PS5 too so I also want to be nit picky about it 😂
I agree that stock and availability could be/should be much better than it is, but I don’t really think it’s Sony’s fault. It’s hard to buy an Xbox right now, or an iPhone, or even a car. It’s the pandemic that keeps on giving

Interesting that you want so much storage. 825 is not too bad from my perspective; that’s like maybe 8 ps5 games? At the same time? Personally I’m happy with that. I love having the expansion slot too, so if I ever want/need to upgrade I can put 2tb in there. Also, external HDD for PS4 games means I have like 40 PS4 games always ready to go. I would not want them on the PS5 ssd, since I haven’t really found that they take advantage of the increase in storage speed

Improving wifi is a great idea. Maybe wifi 6 or wifi 7 next Gen, with better antennae or a more reliable chipset

I would also love longer battery life. Swappable batteries would be cool

To be fair, Sony is absolutely already thinking about a PS6 so it's not exactly odd to think about it ourselves either. Cerny once said that Sony gave them 6 years to design/develop the PS4; they spent two years figuring out what they wanted from the console and spent four years actually producing it

I'm not saying we'll be seeing the PS6 anytime in the near future, but someone at Sony right now is for sure doing exactly what the OP is asking

Fair point. Maybe it would be better to ask this question in another 4 years time
This gen has such huge changes in the hardware that will change the rendering pipeline extensively. So even if there are no fundamental changes next gen but just more cores and tflops it’ll still be amazing because we will be reaching photorealism on PS6 for sure!
I don't expect to see a ps6 for a long long time so idk. Tech will evolve a lot by then

It will be a switch style device operating at ps5 speeds when in mobile. When docked in its refrigerated water cooled Dock performance triples to support its 8k built in projected holo3d display. Gone is the slow style ssd replaced by a 4tb artificial intelligence drive - it predicts what you want to play and predownloads it. ;)
I kinda think this is a fair question to be had. The thing is I dunno. Next gen could just be evolutionary instead of revolutionary. Fine tuning everything. More and better ram, better APU (maybe instad of a custom zen/rdna make full zen and full rdna with CU cores that can match the competitionbetter and still be clocked insanely high), refining the dualsense by making longer lasting battery life, or getting the adaptive triggers to be a bit more durable (never had issues but I know some have). Getting two extra buttons on the dualsense edge since people areabout it only having two. Psvr3 having wireless and again improvements down the entire thing

Male sure the OS is a bit more fleshed out at the start

These are all minor but it will definitelyup the xbots

For sure I reckon there will be general hardware improvements across the board (like cpu gpu ram etc), there has been every generation

Would love it if the dualsense would last longer next Gen, but personally I wouldn’t count on it. PS3 to PS4 to PS5 hasn’t really indicated that Sony cares about super long battery life too much

Would love fully wireless vr. I only had psvr for like 2 days; too many cables for me 😅
I find it kind of weird that the PS5 OS has been so minimal and lacking for the last two years. They evolved the PS4 OS so much and so well over it’s lifetime, I just expected that the PS5 would launch with folder support and stuff

That would be insanely. The amount of wires psvr required really put my off

Hopefully they dont plan on blurring the borders of the generations and focus on the current gens instead of the last. The native ps5 games we have had have set standards but there isnt enough push to really show what the hardware is fully capable of this gen

Yes! I completely agree with this!
When I try to point to PS5 exclusives that show off it’s capabilities, my usual go to’s are Astro, returnal, and the last of us part 1. I can’t really point at Spider-Man MM, or horizon forbidden west, or sackboy, or ratchet and clank.. they’re all Multiplatform which is great, more people can access those games, but those games won’t really stress a PS5, or show what it’s capable of

Yes the PS5 variant can have higher texture resolutions, better framerates, ray tracing, but core game design elements are still restricted by the hardware of the previous generation (like long corridors used for loading the next section). I can’t wait to see what naughtydog and insomniac do with their console exclusives

A tough problem to have though. Developers want to make PS4 games because there are so many PS4s out there. PS5 can also run PS4 games natively. No real immediate pressure to make PS5 exclusives? Sony literally suffering from success
Exactly, this generation has a very slow start. PS6 would be dropping until 27 or 28

Very good point; I really want some more console exclusives or current generation exclusives, to really show what this generation is capable of

But until these games come out, I guess it’s hard to see where the PS5 could be reasonably improved. Thanks for sharing your perspective ☺️
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