= The Last of Us Part I | Dualsense features Video (WaterGun scene) =

Lmao they’re still talking about this?? It just seems like a gimmick to me
4A games did what ND is doing (unique haptics, updated visuals, all that jazz) on the PS5 upgradefor free..

They use it in the opening of miles morales and its amazing, and then dropped immediately. No game has ever used it as well. Its abecause it really was impressive for that few moments

If this is what they're advertising then all hope for this game is truly lost
Right this isthese little "features" aren't something you sell the game on its just an "oh that's pretty cool" type of thing you say when you notice it

Wow totally worth spending £70 to feel my trigger resist for like 10 seconds of gameplay!
No one will use dualsense features better than Astro's playroom. Mark my words

as someone who's played over 10+ games with DualSense features I can concur, you couldn't be more right
Something will come along at the end of the console life that will use it best. Say what you will about part 2, but the guitar playing was the best use of the touchpad in any game and it’s not even really close
They're already talked about thesedualsense features. Why they need to talk about it again like it's the second coming of christ. How can people defend thisman I just can't get this inside my head. Even their 10 min "gameplay trailer" only showed gimmicks and the smallest improvements. This is unbelievable

Haptic feedback of the dual sense controller will most likely feel amazing but I think most of the fans really just want to see a solid trailer featuring gameplay. Something that actually showcases what truly changed with the gameplay as well as whatever “enhanced exploration” really means

I feel that these short promotional pieces were hastily thrown together to combat the inordinate amount of leaks

Woooow, I need to press the button harder to fill the water gun

Gimme just 5 minutes while I head to the bank and get myself 75 dollars
70 for this pointless remake and 5 for two Doritos Locos Tacos
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