= Not sure if it's the best place to ask, but why does DualSense still need to be wired for haptic triggers to work? I usually don't like the PS5 trigger thing but Spider-Man is the one with my favorite use of it =

I prefer using wired, but even then the support is spotty at best. I can't seem to get Dualsense to work even as xinput on Elden Ring, but seemingly works fine on the Deck

I have tried it with GoW and Death Stranding and the feedback is great while at the same time I am not feeling the haptic triggers

Mmm, you say you got the hardened trigger work on a game without wires? Because I have Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo and the trigger feature only works wired to USB. And indeed I need to disable Steam Input on the Game Properties to get it to work

This way specifically: httpswww.youtube.com/watch?v=YR_ob6msbH0&ab_channel=lacknw
On PlayStation it connects using their own wireless technology (probably 2.4Ghz or something) which is definitely more powerful

Supporting Bluetooth is an extra feature for the Bluetooth enabled devices as PCs, which in the other hand has many technological limitations and drawbacks (connection stability, latency, etc Which makes adding more features usually harder without causing more issues

I'm the past Sony used to sell an official