Can't wait to feel the Leviathan axe recall

Your body will crumble as your mind collapses into madness
catching the axe with the left side of the controller vibrating. charging up the axe and feeling the frost eminating from the adaptive trigger flowing into your palm
imagine that with Mjölnir
I was impressed by Ghost of Tsushima

The vibrations are different if your horse steps on stone, grass or mud

Same, although every now and then, when transitioning between different surfaces, the game would bug, and I’d feel no haptics at all, and it was really jarring

I hope they keep leaning in, love the controller, Stray was great with the added features
Call of Duty's use of trigger resistance was very well done and made the campaign cool

Returnal and Deathloop did an exponentially better job at implementing the deeper features on what were pretty much launch titles, and unexplored territory at that time

Stray felt like a very average implementation to me, as great as the game is

Stray did nothing with the controller. “The couch is scratchy” is basically the only thing it has going for it

Stray wasn’t even using it fully other than the triggers
Gran turismo 7 implementation is fantastic. The gyro steering is also a revelation
I have yet to try the gyro but I'll have to give it a shot. I was skeptical but I've heard good things
I agree about the GT7 implementation, it's incredible, but the steering isn't really a revelation. Sixaxis controlled steering has been around since the PS3

Ratchet and Clank is my favorite so far, every gun has different feedback it feels great!
Agreed. It feels so satisfying