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= Just when can Ghost cut ties with TLOU2? I just found it humorous that in an article listing the best games for the PS4 & PS5, Ghost of Tsushima was the #5 pick but they had to slip in that they ALMOST chose TLOU2. httpswww.gizmodo.com.au/2021/12/best-playstation-games/ =

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God of war is hard to beat, GoT number 2 and a very close HZD for the 3rd spot

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[deleted]· 10 mo. ago
TLOU 2 is probably thePS game to come out in recent years. Unless you wanna bring up something that is mechanically hollow or broken, but that game wouldn’t be thought of as a “flawless masterpiece”…
Oh wait. Life is Strange exists

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· 10 mo. agoY’all act like you’ve heard of us or somethin’
Rift apart above GOW? Spider-Man above HZD? Meh this article is kinda bs

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· 10 mo. agoShitStoryPhobic
I’d replace R&C with uncharted 4. I’m not sure what order I’d put these games in though, they’re all very good

(I don’t think R&C is bad btw, just that there are better games)
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