= [US-IL][H] Pokemon Heartgold, Pokemon Leafgreen, Worms Armageddon 64, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition (Playstation Hits), Wonderful 101 (Switch), Persona 5 Strikers Steelbook (Switch), Cactuar Theatrhythm Plush Mascot Strap [W] PayPal =

Howdy, r/gamesale!
I'm preparing to move to a new place and need to drum up some extra money for moving expenses. Heartgold includes the case and manuals but not the pokewalker. All games are authentic, and I am the original owner of this copy of Worms Armageddon. Prices include shipping. Thanks for looking!
Pokemon Heartgold (including case and manuals): SOLD
Pokemon Leafgreen (saves): SOLD
Worms Armageddon: SOLD
Ghost of Tsushima (New): SOLD
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition (Playstation Hits) (New): SOLD
Wonderful 101 (Switch) (New): SOLD
Persona 5 Strikers Switch Steelbook (no game included): SOLD
Cactuar Theatrhythm Plush Mascot Strap (New): SOLD

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