= [Ps4] [2013 onwards] RPG game with giant green storms. =

Platform: Im only sure its on ps4 although probably on Xbox and pc. Estimated year of release: 2013 onwards Graphic style: Similiar to most third person rpgs, notably bless unleashed. Notable characters: Your character was customizable, also a dwarf. Notable gameplay mechanics: You could switch from a 3rd person view, to a overheat view like a turn base game even though it wasnt, a 4 person party system. Other details:In the beggining you are in a battlefield wounded and go up some big stairs to a yellow light which is a women, then you Wake up in a prison cell with Powers and a female Warden Comes in and teases you asking for answers. There is big storms which you canthese are green. There is a big Battle and you get to choose if you want the armies to attack from one side or the other. This is all in a starting quest. Solved:[Dragon Age:inqusition]
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