= [PS4][2013/2014] Weird turn-based strategy game with neon visuals =

This is my first time posting here, so I hope everything is concise

So this is a game I remember seeing a trailer of back either during the early launch days of the PS4, or slightly before it's launch, and never seeing it again after. I also remember finding about it on the old Escapist forums

The trailer was very short and barely featured any gameplay. It was apparently this PS4 exclusive indie turn-based strategy game, with possible roguelike elements according to the description but that wasn't very well defined. Instead of a top-down perspective, the camera was positioned on-level with the characters, more akin to a cover-based shooter, and the gameplay showed seemed to take place in a dance club

What I remember most was the aesthetic, which had very strong neon colors, kinda like the Just Dance games, but looking more amateurish, if that makes sense. It was hard to tell if it was actually 2D or 3D, but I loosely recall the backgrounds looking hand-drawn, while the characters were very obviously rotoscoped. The guns also sounded very bubbly, kinda like they were firing lasers, but the game had a modern day setting. The music was also this very incomprehensive mess of synth noises and beeps

All the trailer showed was a woman with a pistol popping out of cover toanother guy, which was the brief gameplay part, while the rest was a still image of two characters screaming while shifting back and forth between different color palletes, before the head of one of them exploded, but I could be remembering that part wrong

I can remember pretty well two other things. The first was the premise. So, it was about this virus or drug that cananyone in either 7 hours or 24 hours (can't remember which), while slowly driving them(although that part could just be myexplaining the visuals and was not actually mentioned), and that managed to infect the whole world, which led to everyone going on a rampage. There was no mention of any characters or setting

The other thing was the reaction. There were quite a few comments both on the Youtube video and the forum post, and almost all of them were negative, being annoyed at how little the trailer showed, how it seemed very obnoxious, or how it failed to show off the capabilities of the PS4

I know this game and I have managed to find it before. It is about a drug addiction and a bad drug trip. It was a turnbased cover shooter, right?
I think it was supposed to be like a strategy RPG from the full announcement, but the trailer did make it look like a cover based shooter, yes

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