= [PS4][2013-2018] Isometric Brawler with a Fox Protagonist That Engages in Elemental Swordplay =

**Platform(s PS4 **Genre Isometric Brawler Rogue-Like **Estimated year of release 2013-2018 **Graphics/art style Fairy-tale storybook inspired cartoon world comprised of blimps, planes, and sky islands. All characters were anthropomorphized animals. **Notable characters The main character was a swashbuckling fox who I believe was named Renard or Reynauld, a betraying timid rabbit supporting character, and most if not all enemies were crows. **Notable gameplay mechanics The game was built to be played in many runs with choices that led to distinct endings that were made to be unlocked and completed by the player. The primary gameplay loop was sword combat with an emphasis on dashing, grappling enemies, and elemental swords. **Other details
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