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= [PS4][2013-2015] free to play online 3rd person shooter with oversized character in red and blue teams. =

Can someone remember what this game was called? I’m 90% sure it was PS4 but could have been on ps3. It was also on pc and think it was crossplay. I don’t think it lasted very long before the servers were shutdown

I remember it was really fun, I remember a capture the flag mode where you had to go to some big orbs in the other teams base

The characters had really oversized muscles, after each game you could dodances. The characters wore red or blue vests and helmets

It’s driving me made what it’s called!
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Op · 11 mo. ago
Yes! Loadout that’s it!! Thanks, wish the servers were still running it was such a fun game
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Op · 11 mo. ago
No that’s not it, the art style is very similar though. The game I’m thinking of was more exaggerated though
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