= [Ps4] [2013?] Potentially unreleased game, but just want to remember what it was =

EDIT: After search through images of kiosk ps4s trying to see the game demos available on them, I found the game that I was looking for. It's called "Chasm". Thanks for the help

There's a game that I remember playing on a display ps4 at a best buy around the time the ps4 was released, not sure if it was before or after. It was 2d side scroller, pixel art, and the gameplay revolved around going down aand fighing the monsters that were down there. I think the charcter you played as was a dude with brown/blonde hair, and at the beginning you either fell into theor went into it. It was a while ago, and I didnt play it much because we had to leave the store. When I eventually got the ps4, I couldn't find the game. I've tried to look up unreleased dungeon crawler games to no avail, mostly google getting confused with Deep Down. If any one could point me in the right direction, or even can share if they remember what Im talking about it would be appreciated

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