= As an owner of a base ps4 (2013), I highly recommend Cyberpunk 2077. =

Yes, you will be met with the occasional frame rate issue and fair share of bugs but diving deep into the game and its lore will bring you to degrees of enjoyment and satisfaction that you might not fully understand. Impressive visuals (seriously, wow engaging dialogues, incredible NPC's and aof entertaining and rewarding quests are all part of the package. Cyberpunk 2077 has undergone a couple of patches by now and many of the problems it had at launch are nonexistent or close to that by now. This sounds like an ad and it might as well be, but believe me when I say: give this game a chance, you might be surprised!
The game has a bad rep because of its launch. I guess some people can't fathom that some people actually enjoy the game lol

I played it on release on a launch ps4 and still enjoyed it despite its bugs and crashes. Dunno how much its improved on a ps4 but the ps5 version is great

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