= PS6 =
The PS6 will definitely be Sony's next generation of consoles in the future. We inform you here about rumors and news about the release and price of the PlayStation 6 
Sony's next generation of consoles will definitely be called PS6. However, the console has not yet been officially announced. It is only roughly foreseeable when a PlayStation 6 could appear

In November 2020, Sony released the PlayStation 5 and it's sold out everywhere. Our test of the PS5 also makes it clear why fans like it so much

In the coming months and years we are already looking at the next generation of consoles, which will definitely be called PS6. There will probably be no surprises when it comes to the naming

== PS6 release: When will the PlayStation 6 appear? ==
If you look at the previous release dates of PlayStation consoles, there were always six to seven years between them. Accordingly, the PS6 could well appear in 2026 or 2027

A Sony supplier has hinted that a PS6 could appear as early as five years after the PS5 release, but a 2025 launch is unlikely given the earlier releases

Sony could fulfill every gamer's dream with a PS5 Pro. We will show you the following exclusive concept images of our version of an absolute high-end console

After all, the chip manufacturer AMD is already looking for specialists to work on chips of the next generation, maybe also for the PS6. The job application would fit into such a plan

== PS6 price: how much will the new Sony console cost? ==
However, we are assuming costs of between 400 and 500 euros. The PS6 may cost as much as the PS5, namely 500 euros

Fans are still spending 500 euros on the PS5 without batting an eyelid. Would you be willing to spend even more money? You can vote on our PS6 price poll

== Will there be multiple models of the PS6? ==
Like the PS4 and PS5, Sony is likely to offer multiple models for the PS6: a standard console with a Blu-ray drive, a Digital Edition that relies on downloads, and perhaps an upgraded Pro variant later

Sony hasn't announced a PlayStation 6 yet, so these are still predictions. If there are new rumors about Sony's future generation of consoles, we will pick them up here for you. So check back in

Nintendo certainly doesn't sit idly by as Sony and Microsoft release new consoles. The company has already launched the Nintendo Switch OLED and there is already speculation about a Nintendo Switch 2

== Breaking News about PS6 ==
Crazy concept graphics are already circulating on the net for the PS6. They show designs that are reminiscent of robots or pharaoh jewelry

It may be a few years before the PS6 appears, but work on the next console may already begin. This is supported by this note from AMD

It is still unclear how high the price of a PS6 will be, but all fans will pay for the PS5 without batting an eyelid. In our survey, indicate how much money you would spend on a PlayStation 6.