Note on our own behalf: Gaming blog articles represent the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the DailyGame editors. The whole gaming world has been waiting for the release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Now they are finally on the Market. But there are indications of the PS6 that no PS5 PRO will come, but rather a rapid transition to what is probably the last physical console generation. The PlayStation 6 will come faster than fans want. There are more and more signs of this .On November 19, 2020, the PS5 was released for 499 euros or 399 euros (digital edition) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But while everyone is eyeing the current generation of consoles, there are some indications of the next Sony console, the PS6.And it will probably come faster than we all think.By the way: You can also read about why the PS6 is currently in vogue on DailyGame.The next PlayStation consoles will have a shorter life cycle h evening

The PS5 will have an "effective lifespan" of between six and seven years. That's what Masaysu Ito, Sony's executive vice president of hardware engineering, told Gameinformer magazine in late 2019. So we can all do some head math and know that we'll be in 2026 or 2027 with the release of the PlayStation 6. Maybe even earlier. "In the past, the cycle for a new platform was seven to ten years," says Ito. In view of the rapid development in the gaming sector, this is not a surprising statement Years after the release of the PlayStation 4, the PS4 PRO. Sony thus extended this console cycle, which lasted seven years until the PS5 appeared at the end of 2020. That does not necessarily have to be the case with the PlayStation 5. So it could happen that this “lifetime ” is even shorter, 8K televisions should catch on faster. With the PlayStation 5, the 8K function is switched off at the beginning. More on that in a moment. Will it be a PS5 PRO? At all? Former Xbox executive Albert Penello doesn't believe - and neither do many experts - that we're seeing a mid-gen upgrade of the current generation of consoles. With the PS4 PRO and the Xbox One X, we got the a few years ago 4K gaming support. According to many analysts' current estimates, 8K resolution screens will not catch on anytime soon. "4K was becoming a mainstream resolution for PCs and TVs less) designed," Albert Penello told "I think it's unlikely that we'll see 8K TVs mainstream like 4K TVs - we're more likely to see improvements in NITS (rather than HDR support) or better See frame rates to support more than 60 frames per second on TVs.”

In 1-2 years, the former Xbox man sees no way that higher quality consoles would be "affordable". Therefore, "financially and technically" he sees no upgrade versions like the PS5 PRO coming for the future. The current semiconductor chip shortage and the procurement of components do the rest.Will the PlayStation 6 only be a digital version? Fewer and fewer players buy their games physically, apart from Nintendo Switch players.The many physical sales charts show a strong tendency towards digital titles .What is already standard on the PC market will also move into the console sector over the years: the (almost) purely digital sale of video games.With the Xbox One S All Digital Edition, Microsoft took the first step towards a purely digital console. Sony followed suit with the PS5 Digital. After all, a price difference of 100 euros to the drive version. It's just athat there wasn't more storage space, so players would have started more than the price reduction s. If you look at the trend towards digital, the PS6 may no longer have a disc drive. We agree. Will the PlayStation 6 really be called that? Sony has the trademark rights for the PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and PS10 secured

If someone wants to persuade you that the PS6 will not be called PlayStation 6, then he or she should explain the message why Sony has secured the trademark rights for those. Whether these trademarks will ever be used remains to be seen. After all, we're talking about here a cycle of at least 5 years. So if the PS6 really comes out in 2026/2027, then a PS7 comes out in 2031/2032, and so on..

As reported by Gematsu, Sony secured the trademark rights for the PS4 as early as 2006. Those for the PS5 also in the same year. Was the PS5 the last console and a PlayStation 6 did not appear at all? PlayStation CEO and SIE President Jim spoke in a CNET interview Ryan on what could come after the PS5. The interview dates back to 2019, but it hasn't lost any of its relevance.When asked if the PlayStation 5 would be Sony's last console, the Sony exec replied:

"I really don't know. I've been at this for a while and I sat there, 2012, and listened to a lot of different people tell me about Mobile and how the PlayStation 4 was going to be thefailure ever."

How successful was the PlayStation 4? After all, the PS4 was a success for Sony. So far (as of the end of 2021) more than 116.9 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold. The world's best-selling console to date is the PlayStation 2 with 157.68 million units sold, according to Wikipedia. The PS3 sold "only" 87.4 million units, just topping the 85.5 million unit sales of the Xbox 360 that appeared in the same generation of consoles. Perhaps the PlayStation 6 will be a hybrid made up of cloud technology and a physical console.Maybe it's just an app for smartphones or televisions.Who knows from today's perspective.It'll be a long time before then.By the way: The PlayStation 4 will be supported until 2024.It's that fast neither will the switch to the next generation of consoles. The PS5 will continue to be entertained with new games for a while after a PS6 release. As you have learned in this article, the PS5 has already been Registered as a brand/trademark 13years ago. A long time. Microsoft has already emphasized that the Xbox Series X/S will not herald the end of console hardware, i.e. there will be more consoles no different and must also bring more consoles onto the market, otherwise you leave the entire playing field to Xbox and Nintendo. Technologies such as xCloud, PlayStation Now (thanks to PlayStation Plus), Google Stadia and Co will certainly gain even more importance in the future, but video games will -Consoles won't disappear anytime soon.If you look at the average lifetime of a video game console over the last few years, the technological advances in TV sets, then the PS5 will have been on the market for a while.After all, not many households in Germany and Austria have one Ultra HD TV at home, even if the first 8K televisions are already available. According to, in Germany in 2019 there were just 1 8.8 percent of all households are equipped with an Ultra HD TV set. At the end of 2021 it was almost 30 percent Phil Spencer from Microsoft/Xbox agrees. The first PlayStation appeared in Japan in 1994 and a year later in Europe/North America. The PS2 came 6 and 5 years later in 2000. The PS3 appeared 6 and 5 years later respectively .in Europe 7 years later in 2006/2007. The PS4 was released in 2013 in North America/Europe and a year later in Japan. So assuming an average console life cycle of 6 years, the PS6 would be released in 2026/2027 - if a PS5 PRO comes out. If it's not the case that Sony slips in an "intermediate console", then the PlayStation 6 could come out 1 to 2 years earlier, depending on how successful the PS5 will be. Currently there is one Bottleneck in delivery and this will possibly only relax in 2022/2023. There are different opinions from AMD, Intel and Co

Price question: What will the Sony PlayStation 6 (PS6) cost? Of course, one can only speculate about how high the price of the PS6 will be. In any case, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) in California must come up with something to scalpers not to give the opportunity to reduce the offer, as was the case with the PlayStation 5.Price entry?The digital version of the PS5 at a price of 399 euros that will cost a possible PlayStation 6 no longer.The price will probably be between the launch of the PS6 Between 500 and 700 euros. Global inflation is also an important factor. According to US presenter Ellen DeGeneres, the Sony PlayStation 6 (PS6) will appear sometime after the iPhone 300..

More about the PS5 PRO

A new PS5 model registration in Japan gives hope for a PRO variant of the PlayStation 5. However, there are some comparisons with the PS4, which in turn negate a release of a more powerful PS5 console. Unfortunately, the DualShock 4 controller of the PlayStation 4 cannot be used for PS5 games. This message comes from Sony itself. Other PS4 peripheral devices will work on the upcoming Sony console. There is even a patent that may already have confirmed a possible PS5 Pro Incidentally, PS5 can be streamed from day 1 via Twitch and YouTube. The new Sony console also offers full multimedia equipment including media remote control.The memory limit of the PS5 for games is very limited when the first consoles are launched. Only 664 GB are available for internal memory. Perhaps Sony will do better for the PlayStation 6 in the future. It has meanwhile been announced (but not confirmed) that it appears There are three different fans that were built into the PS5. The fact that there are onlyPS5 consoles has inspired some players to beautify their console. Editions are planned. The first PS5 consoles are already blocked from the PlayStation Network (PSN) after their users shared the PlayStation 5-PS PLUS Collection with PS4 players. Do you know the situation: 2 children, 2 controllers but only one PS4 or PS5 at home? Our Games Guide shows you which games are suitable for children. Why are PS5 consoles so expensive on Ebay, Willhaben &&Co? Buy PS5 and Xbox Series X expensive? Scalpers earn d amit good!Fancy a bit of history about the Sony devices?We have written an article dedicated to the development of the PlayStation consoles.This article originally