= Is it me or is games being cheaper on PC than Playstation a myth? =

I just finished Heavy Rain yesterday and it was one of many great games I’ve downloaded and finished with PS Now which I pay only £2.50 per month for

I get to play many AAA games for free by using game share with someone else that has PS Plus (or play monthly games with free trials) and have a backlog of hundreds of downloadable games on PS Now

I rarely pay more than £5-15 for games because I only buy them on sale, and I’m not personally interested in paid multiplayer games which are the only ones you need PS Plus for. PC does tend to have cheaper digital games but you can get 2nd handed games for just as cheap on PS4

This is anecdotal but when I was looking to get DOS2 on PC, the cheapest I could find was £12 on Steam sale when it was cheaper on PS4 at the time, despite being out for a year less. The cheapest I could find Disco Elysium for was £20, but Death Stranding which wasn’t as old was £16 on PS Store

TLOU2, P5R and God of War also went on sale to £20-30 within months of releasing. So I feel like I wouldn’t spend any less on games if I was primarily on PC than I do on PS4

When I built my pc cr. 2016 pc stuff was definitely cheaper, especially with sites like kinguin and g2a. But PlayStation and switch have really caught onto the grift in the last few years and almost always have something good on sale for $10~. GamePass and PsNow are just good deals all around, and both are available on pc too

Edit: HumbleBundle is also a big positive for pc, $15 for ~15 games, often AAA stuff that’s a few years old, and it goes to charity

That may be true now but 5-10 years ago I never saw as many sales for console games as I did PC games, this may be due to the fact PC has had its hand in digital copies for longer and for a wider variety

But times change and console digital stores are definitely better than what they use to be and I think it's the digital copies that are the real game changes when it comes to price, without having to rely on a physical store as a medium, digital copies of games can just go on sale and with companies like humble bundle offering constant discounts (if you are a member) it makes those digital games appear cheaper than they really are

tl;dr Physical Copies of games are more expensive, but now more console games are digital

until you stop pretending PS Plus is free. I mean, yeah, we all get a free month here and there. But that Steam store, that is free-free. And the 'myth' isn't a myth at all but it IS talking very specifically about thing like the Steam holiday sale, where everything that isn't going to sell well already gets slashed unless the devs prefer no money to some money, which is a rare stance

This is not to say that NO games are cheaper on console first: some absolutely are. All those games that start as Playstation exclusives are likely $20 on Playstation before the PC port even releases. But nearly everything else, the PC will have brutal deals earlier. BUT those deals aren't all in one place. You'll be on EGS, GoG,Origin or UPlay or god knows where else to get all the great deals

Steam holiday sale is still the undisputed king of cheap games, and by miles. It is not however enough of a price difference to offset a nice gaming PC

To make the PC the truly cheaper route versus say a PS5, you need to pirate. Which is easy, free, and fairly safe these days. But won't help you much with anything multiplayer. Which is everything for some people, no big deal for others

The best system for you is, was, and will remain to be: the one all your friends are playing on. Best situation is to own them all. That is also the priciest route. But if you can only afford one per generation, and all your friends are getting the new Xbox, just get the new Xbox and stop worry about it

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