= here's a bit of info on Dead island 2 “You’re on a plane and there’s a zombie outbreak on a plane… eventually the plane crashes into LA, you survive and it’s to survive on Land Dead Island 2 will be released on Feb. 3, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S =

I cant wait to see all the Survivors we can play as

I also like that theyre hammering home the Zombies as the enemy and not humans, my main problem with Dying Light 2 was that humans are the main antagonists

There's probably gonna be some human you are gonna need tobut it hopefully is won't be a major part, like in Dead Island, most human enemies are in the jungle and city, late game, where they should be. And even then, there is only 2 story necessary missions in the city that are human only enemies, and 2 in the jungle

Hehe,. I like that

Day One pack seems kind ofthe callback to Banoi is nice, but getting a couple of blunt instruments doesn't seem worth pre-ordering, or ponying up extra cash

It’s forgetting to mention (this is viewable in Xbox & PS stores for preorder of Deluxe and Gold editions) two expansion chapters and possibly, don’t quote me on this, additional weapon skins. I’m murky on the skins but basically the other preorder additions are expansion packs too

So it starts off roughly the same as the yager copy with the plane crash, interesting
as an aside apparently dead islands original early plot was to have the player be the survivor of the plane crash we see in game, ironic if dead island 2 starts with a plane crash
They'll probably add San Francisco to the game in a update or in a dlc for the game
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