= Lawsuit demands $5.9 billion from Sony for "ripping off" 9 million PlayStation Store users =

$5.8B to the lawyers. Whatever is left to be split by the people who got ripped off
At the beginning of the pandemic I bought the complete series of the shows 24 and curb your enthusiasm digitally on the ps4

Now, every other season of both are missing half the episodes. Sonys response was basically "too bad". Whenever I call customer service they say it's being handled by a special team and hang up on me. It's been months so I expect them to do nothing
Edit: I realize we only buy the right to a license digitally. I still technically have the shows and the license for each. It's only a select number of episodes missing per season which seems more like a glitch they refuse to look into

This frustrates me about Google Play Music -- I bought aof songs on there, then they moved to YTM, and none of my purchases exist anymore. Support's absolutely

Well Amazon did the same thing a few years ago and deleted all Disney movies and shows from everyone’s accounts… turns out when you buy digital copies they are just leases… not defending them just saying this is why they have so much fine print
I'd try that call again, but with a BBB rep (or one from your bank) on the line

Lowe's was giving me the runaround on a refund for a fridge they never delivered - went on for months until I got an experienced PayPal rep on the line with me. Had my money back within 12 hours of that phone call

you're buying the license to watch it. once Sony loses the streaming rights to that content everyone who has that license gets cuts off. every service works like this

I was a diehard Sony fan for consoles my whole life. Literally had every console they've made. A friend of mine convinced me.to buy an Xbox series x and it blows ps5 out of the water entirely. It's way better in literally every aspectthe exclusives will be the only reason I ever touch the ps5 again. Gamepass alone makes me regret ever giving Sony a dime for theirpsplus bs. Sony. They did this to themselves making inferior products withissues and thesupport. I won't ever go backI've had so many issues with Psn

You didn't buy them digitally. You paid for a license to watch them on the platform. If they're not there, you don't get to watch them. Welcome to 2022

I've been paying the subscription for years and not using it. I can sign up with my console, but need a computer to cancel the service

Just turn off auto-renew on your membership. There. Done

If for some reason you can't turn it off (I know that I've seen people complain that it's been turned back on without their consent, though that has never happened to me here's how you fix it:
Remove all payment options from your account. It will fail to renew

On the very off-chance that you cannot remove all payment options from your account (again, this has never been an issue for me, but I have seen others claim this has occurred) go and buy a visa gift card from like 7-11 for $20, or whatever the lowest amount is

Set it up on your account and make it the primary payment method. This will allow you to remove your bank account, paypal, and/or debit cards

Again, it won't auto renew

business model that is so short sighted
Meanwhile i tried SoundCloud premium and it was 1 button to cancel, membership lasts until end of the paid cycle (some services stop service day of requesting cancellation just as ayou), and even gives you a list of how yo get more out of your membership if you choose to renew in the future
I don’t even use SoundCloud buti would sign up for premium in a heartbeat if i had a use for it just based on how pleasant the cancellation process was
lol somehow i got a fifa dlc on my account that i did not buy, i dont even own nor have ever rented fifa, and since the credit card i signed up with many many years ago i no longer have it instantly got declined to buy said content (yet they delivered the dlc somehow and now they are holding my account ransom till i pay for the dlc with a valid credit card THEN they say i can dispute it with them. Uhh how about no? They claim i should of contacted them first before calling my credit card company to dispute the charges (literally what they said) and i said how can i do that when i no longer have that card and the accounts closed? They just kept saying i should of contacted them first So thats been sitting in limbo for years now. I aint gonnapay it then when i go to dispute it they say "oh well we determined you bought it so tough. Be one thing if it was $5 but its like some $40 thing

So the charge didn’t go through but you also had to dispute it. I call

Typical Sony bs. U did the right thing for sure they 100% would have cited some "all transactions in regards to accessible content are final" it's all about making you pay always

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