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We're excited to confirm that your Elgato game capture device supports PlayStation 5 capture!
We know you have many questions. Here are the answers

**Will I be able to capture PlayStation 5 on day one
Yes, regardless of which Elgato capture device you own, you'll be able to capture your PlayStation 5 gameplay on day one. PlayStation 5 features a HDCP toggle exactly like the PlayStation 4. Once HDCP is disabled capture will work

**Which capture devices support capturing PlayStation 5**
All current Elgato capture devices support capturing video from PlayStation 5

Note that supported resolution and refresh rate combinations depend on the capture device. For example, HD60 S will be able to passthrough and capture a maximum of 1080p60 from PlayStation 5, while 4K60 Pro MK.2 can passthrough and capture up to 4K60 HDR

**Can I capture 4K60 HDR from PlayStation 5
Yes, with 4K60 Pro MK.2 and 4K60 S+, full 4K60 HDR capture is supported

**Can I capture 1440p120 from PlayStation 5
While 4K60 Pro MK.2 supports 1440p120 signals, Sony has confirmed the PlayStation 5 does not support 1440p output here

**Will I need an HDMI 2.1 compatible capture device to capture gameplay from PlayStation 5
No! HDMI is backwards compatible, meaning PlayStation 5 can output video to devices that do not feature HDMI 2.1

**Will Elgato release a HDMI 2.1 capture card for 4K120 HDR passthrough and capture
We're acutely aware of the next-generation console capabilities and increased support for 4K120 Hz with HDR over HDMI 2.1. We're always working on providing best-in-class capture capability no matter what resolution or frame rate you play at

so i will first need to connect my ps5 to my tv to turn off HDCP then i can connect my ps5 to my elgato capture card in my pc and play on my monitor like i do atm with my PS4? If i connect to capture card out the box I assume the PS5 wont be captured as I assume HDCP is on by default?
The audio output behavior of the PlayStation 5 is the same as PlayStation 4

If a headset is plugged into the controller, audio stops going out over HDMI. This means that yes Chat Link will still be needed in certain setups

There are other methods around this like using a HDMI audio extractor or plugging headphones into the TV/Monitor headphone output

We'll have more information and setup guides once the console launches

My Elgato 4k Pro Mk.2 gives me
**No Signal** randomly when streaming. This does not happen when I play normally (off-stream) or if I play at a lower resolution on the PS5 to 1080p. Is there a workaround for this to work at 4K, or have I found a limitation of the card that was advertised to work at 4K I have done everything from replacing both HDMI 2.1 cables (PS5 brand new cable, as well as Elgatos, included brand new cable), to switching the location of the Elgato on my PC setup. I have a decent PC that should not have an issue with doing any of this, and I am on a 1 Gigabit Fibre connection, so latency is not a problem I've also disabled any background processes while streaming with both Streamlabs OBS, OBS.Live, OBS Studio, .. just OBS in general, and all version encounter this problem despite it just being the capture cards input they are reading, leaving me running an extremely "bare-bones" Windows 10. The problem still remains It's happening to a lot of us on the PS5 where we have todown the 4K graphics to either stream or record and Elgato has yet to say anything about it and why this is happening, I've looked at this thread daily and I've also contacted Elgato directly and still no answer from them, it's pretty frustrating You can check out our Xbox Series X/S post here: httpswww.reddit.com/r/elgato/comments/j3b8pe/elgato_is_nextgen_ready_for_xbox_series_xs/ == About Community == Members Online Top 5% Ranked by Size