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I had a look, mostly seems alright, though there are a few prices that seemed too high I think

Anyway what I like best is the ebay icon next to each game that you click and get all the search results on ebay, maybe I'll use it just for that haha
I wish I could buy a used copy of Rule of Rose for $40. On eBay they've been going for twice that recently

$40 is for a loose copy (ie disc only, with no box). CIB (Complete in Box) is listed as $80, so seems accurate
I've been using it and seems reliable. Remember that L is for loose (disc only) and CIB is for complete in box, and NIB is for sealed
Sure here and there I've encountered a price that was off by a little, but overall its solid
Where did they come up with this? How is
*Code Veronica X*, a game that you can buy for under $10, listed as the rarest?
EDIT: It looks like they fixed it, but at the time I checked it,
*Code Veronica X* was listed with "90% Rarity"

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