= What’s the story behind this game and it’s price ? I remember playing this on the PS2 =

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There are a handful of Platinum Hits Xbox games that for some reason are exceptionally rare and have crazy prices. I would assume this is one of those

And I’m going a little bit crazy because I could have SWORN I had this game in my hands before obviously not priced in the hundreds lol
I find that fascinating considering OG Xbox is one of the few older consoles where game prices are still reasonable last time I checked. There’s been plenty of times where I bought an xbox version of a game instead of the ps2 counterpart because the price was so much lower (silent hill 2 and Obscure come to mind, although this was years ago)

Yep theirs a marvel alliance game that’s like this as well not as expensive though

People collect variants or Platinum Hits specifically, and this had a very low print run. The regular version is still worth like $5

NBA Street Vol. 2 is still the best street ball basketball game in my opinion

Agreed. Still had fun with Vol. 3 on GameCube just for the Nintendo characters lol

Not just best street basketball game, but arguably the best sports game of all time to be honest. The gameplay, rosters, presentation, career mode was so amazing

As mentioned already, the Platinum Hits version of this game is super rare. A year or two ago a couple copies sold a few months apart for $1500 each. A few more copies surfaced and sold at a lower price. Due to rarity, the sale prices fluctuate radically so “value” is hard to judge

This is my rarest game. We didn't even know it existed until a few years ago. I was on the og Xbox reddit and people didn't believe me when I said I had it just sitting on my shelf ahah, was an awesome suprise
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