= Have 2 modded ps vita. Only need one, which one should I sell? =

I thought I'd use 1000s forever, but recently I went through 3 1000s in quick succession and realised that I'd just rather use a newer, easier 2000. The 2000 screen is still fantastic, the internal memory really makes everything easier.. I'm going to stick with 2000s from now on. I made a handy sum selling my 64gb official memory card, and apparently those cards are starting to fail so I'm glad I got away with that payday

The first one was just old and had clicking thumbsticks, the second one fell in water, and the third one was overpriced and in awful condition so yeah, just decided to simplify.. I had a 1000 for 80% of the time I've had a vita of one type or another so I feel that I got my share of a good experience

I'm also selling my limited edition MGS portable ops PSP because my vita plays all the games better, just deciding to simplify
There is internal memory on the 1000 as well. It can be used for the mod as well. It's just as easy

I was in your shoes exactly and I sold my OLED model (actually not quite, it's on eBay now). Two main reasons one, it's pretty well pristine and I didn't want to touch it because of that so it never got played. And two, micro USBs are far easier to come by in a pinch so keeping a 2000 charged on the go is much much simpler. And a little bonus reason, I think the 2000 is more comfortable to hold and play
I never get the argument about charging. A micro USB cable isn’t something you can A-Team out of a fork and a rubber band out in the wild. You will still need to carry one with you. And if you can carry a micro USB cable then you can carry a proprietary cable instead

I only have the slim, so Idk who to sell, I prefer the slim cause of the micro-usb connection
I was in your shoes a few months ago and it came down to this:
The 2000 is a lot more future proof

Looks and feels better to handle

Micro USB cables will be around for a long time still

If you want a modded OLED portable device, you're better off with a modded Switch OLED with a beautiful OLED screen (vs an early gen OLEDhello black spots?) at this point

I've been debating modding my switch, but the main thing stopping me is my Nintendo account potentially getting banned, I know the switch shop will be closed eventually and I'll lose all my paid games anyway but I don't want to do that sooner
Never seen any black spots on an OLED Vita. I have two myself, and both are pristine. I'm sure it happens, but it can't be very common

I've seen a few yellowed though, but they were quite heavily used in all respects, so they had served their time, and served it well

I’d say keep the 2000, the 1000 does have an oled screen but the 2000 is future proof. Although it’s really up to you, check out this pros list for each

2000 pros
Better battery
Micro USB connection
Screen isn’t that much worse, in contrast, the 2000 screen is still much better than a 3ds with an IPS panel

Sleeker design (this is subjective ofc)
1000 pros
Better screen
Feels sturdier, more premium I suppose (although in reality i’d imagine both are similarly sturdy, with the edge going to the 1000)
Another bonus is the 2k is droppable. That’s a big plus for a handheld portable console. And if you were to drop a psv 1k… its probably going to break
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