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Ps2 is the most produced video video game console ever. Why is it more expensive than a Nintendo at $75?
A Nintendo? How old are you? The only person who calls all Nintendo systems “a Nintendo” lmao But it’s all honesty, it’s people trying to profit off the “Covid Gaming Nostalgia” mania that happened. When I worked at gamestop, I had all sorts of new guests who only wanted older systems for their Covid shelter in places. It was annoying because people bought up all the old systems and then I’d see them for sale online for 200% markups. Luckily I still have my ps2 from my teenage years, but I recently have to talk a seller down for some games he tried to up charge me on
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I paid $80, was originally $60 for the phat SCPH-30001 R last yr on OfferUp only because the guy was less than a mile away and gracious to drop it off 10 minutes after asking him, this is in NY BTW Stank of weed though

I saw a few offers weeks earlier for around $40-90 some folks trying to get rid of them and didn't know the real value you might be lucky if you're patient and quick
The prices might be a bit inflated with the current situation, especially in the US (the game prices ballooned insanely), but I think the console prices have also seen steady rising over the past few years. I saw systems for 10€ at average in fleamarkets and such only 4 years ago, and at most I have ever paid 20€ for a PS2 that came with 2 controllers

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