= every genshin impact character gets released we see people like this=

We joke but this one here is especially dangerous, using very generic reasons and very vocal about their subjective opinions. I almostbought it and say 'oh this is one of the more reasonable one' and when I think about it more I realize this person has zeroclue what they're saying
You forgot the last one:
5. Am I the only one whototally generic response)
6. why is no one talking about [extremely watered down and over-simplified version of issue everyone is already talking about]
How to tell when someone is 14. No way a literate adult talks like this and still has self respect
unpopular opinion but (insert the most generic opinion possible) (gets 10k karma)
At this point just compile every generic character complain and make bingo out of it

Ok, that's purely subjective opinion
It makes sense for Nahida story-wise given just how much "rejected" she is by her own nation
Primarilycolor scheme - shows purity (and she's reffered to as "Psychic of Purity" in drip marketing, what a coincidence) and innocence, themes strenghthen even more by the fact she looks like a small child. Fitting for an inexperienced Archon whose reigh is truly yet to come (despite technically being Archon for about 500 years). Also, she is themed around the Moon (both in story and in promotional materials), so her cold and pale color scheme is greatly matched
tl;dr Her design is fine, if you know some basic stuff about colors, themes etc, but people (usually) expected design that would fit themathically more Rukkhadevata than Kusanali (which is rather ironic given what happens in the story)
Subjective, but bruh, she is not looking out of place with other Archons (except her size)
Most of the time when people complain about the colors and the design they seem to lack basic understanding of colors and compositions. Not everything need to be bright flashy neon to beand exciting

Also, she's based on a mythological creature (a tree fairy to be exact) in a Buddhist story called Kusanali Jataka. Those fairies were pale and glowed like the moon

Should we get more dark skin characters, yes absoultely, I especially don't like what they did with Candace. But hoyo did their research while creating Nahida, and just because it doesn't scream South East Asia/Middle East in your face doesn't mean her design is bad

Kinda like how Dori is loosely based on Ottoman Empire (especially her clothes) and Ottoman Empire consisted of mostlypeople (depends on where you were in the country, some people had dark skin, some were pale asand making Dori black snatches the represantion from people that get little to no rep. (Ottoman Empire is long gone now but Turkey and Turkish people are still there, and rarely get any rep that doesn't paint them in a bad light)
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