= 2 Astro headsets for ps5 =

Hey folks, so i read the Astro blog but still confused as to what quality of sound i'll be experiencing

i own the Astro A40 with the mixer and the A50 with the base station, they are each plug in to a different ps4 pro, and will be using them for 2 ps5 in the same household

from what i understood, i'll need to run a firmware update on both

i know i can plug my A50 through USB, but will i still get surround sound?
Will i also get it with the A40 after doing hte firmware update as well? I take it i'll need the HDMI adapter so i can lower the volume of the game VS chat?
I know we might not have all the answers yet, just wanted to see if anyone had anything. i preordered 1 of the 3d PS5 headsets in case, but i d rather not have to buy them as i love my Astro A40 & AA50

There are no firmware updates for the PlayStation 5. Everything is plug and play as per the blog post

You can connect the MixAmp or the A50 Base Station to the PS5 using the USB cable to hear 3D audio from the console and use functionalities such as the master volume and microphone. But you will need to balance the game and voice audio through the console. If you add an optical output to the console such as using our ASTRO HDMI Adapter,