= Razer Quick Charging Stand $29.99 for PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller Black Amazon & GGamestop =


Why buy this over the official since that’s one has 2 slots for the same price?
Does it charge faster?
For the looks? Looks nicer to me than the PS version

Or any other reason I can’t think of?
I have two controllers so the official would be more convenient as it charges two but if this one charges faster that may be a great selling point

I'm trying to find a use case for a charging stand at all? I'm a single player and have two PS5 controllers. I leave one plugged into the PS5 (charging) with the included USB cable, and play with the other one. When the playing controller runs low, I swap so I'm never without a charged controller. I had a charging stand for my PS3 but found it took more space than it was worth

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