Become a symbol of hope to theand wounded in Ambulance Simulator!
 A large variety of different assignments based on true stories

Feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you rush to save victims of a massive car accident. Deliver pre-hospital care and make split-second life or death decisions. Your actions can save lives!Perform the duties of a paramedic! Answer calls and help patients in all sorts of conditions. Bandage stab wounds, give epinephrine injections, perform CPR, and carry out many more actions to save those in need. Act fast, for there are always more people to attend to. And when the wounded are numerous and you can't save everyone - use the triage system and call for reinforcements!Explore the town you are assigned to. Use your siren to get through heavy traffic and figure out ways to quickly reach your destination. Upgrade your ambulance to service a bigger area. And if someone doesn't let you drive past, there's always a park you could move through. Just make sure you don't hit any of the pedestrians - you are meant to help people, not hurt them by driving carelessly.Use grants to finance realistic, advanced equipment for your ambulance. Organize your gear for ease of access. Disinfect used tools and replacegloves. Build up your reputation in the career mode with every life saved. Learn real bandage techniques and medical procedures in an extensive tutorial.