I love the gameplay and graphics. However, I uninstalled and reinstalled this app over time due to a major phone problem. I have a Google pixel 2 and my controls are completely missing I can drive, reverse, or turn! The controls aren't even there I don't know if it's my phone or not. But I'd be grateful if I could actually play. Thanks (I'll bring this up to a 4-5 after the solution is given =3) Did you find this helpful?

I think it's a good game, but some of the things in it are so strange. First of all the drivers of the other cars are terebul, the speed, sometimes when go up a hill the fly but hit the road with the front wheels, then they go into the road! No joke I'm ligit. You don't know when there coming and the mini vans indercate right all the time! The graphics are outstanding but I can't say there the best! Did you find this helpful?

This is a very enjoyable game and notto play too. I like this game. There are some problems too. The major problem is; the barriers on both sides of the road crossing are disturbed the speed of the ambulance & these make my vehicle overturned, so, I have to pay many times when it overturnes to take to the right way. Other one is; when the vehicle is stopped, again it takes a short time to reach its normal speed. Anyway, other things are good. Thanks for creating such a nice game Did you find this helpful?