Sometimes taking a break from mainstream games and playing some simulation games can be very refreshing. These games provide a thrilling experience without having to leave your home and put yourself in danger

The feeling of being in control of everything around you is quite satisfying. A lot of these simulation games are made for PC. So, if you own a console, it becomes a little difficult to search for games that specifically run on your console

In this article, we have listed the best simulation games that are available to play on Switch. So, the only thing you need to worry about is to install them and start playing them

## Best Simulation Games on Switch
 Mech Mechanic Simulator

In the distant future, there are no planes, and there are certainly no cars or bikes. The only thing that is ruling the world are giant robotic mechs that come in all shapes and sizes, and keeping them in working condition is another challenge

They get broken and destroyed constantly, so there is a great demand for talented individuals who can fix them. That’s where you come in. You work as a mech mechanic in a company and are tasked to do all kinds of work that involve fixing these robots

From changing a small knot to removing the whole damaged part, your job requires perfection. As you earn more reputation, you can establish your own company and perform jobs that will rival even the best companies. Repair, personalize and earn lots of money; that is your only goal in this game

 Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is another brilliant game that lets you experience the joy of being a farmer and seeing your little backyardinto a successful farm. One day, you return from busy city life to inherit a small land your grandfather left you and start living a normal country life

Now, you have all the time in this world to turn this overgrown field into a beautiful field that is brimming with all kinds of crops. You cancrops, harvest them when they’re ready, and sell them in the market to buy more crops

You can also raise and farm different kinds of livestock. And when you’re bored, you can explore underground dungeons and hunt some monsters for some rare materials

Stardew Valley is one of the best simulation games out there. And it doesn’t only focus on farming too. There are lots of things you can do in Stardew Valley besides farming, such as fishing, interacting with neighbors, and even getting married and raising kids

 MLB The Show 22

Do you like baseball but don’t think you’re actually good enough to play on the fields? Well, worry not because this game will fulfill all your wishes when it comes to baseball. Whether you’re a fan of pitching or batting, this game has plenty of things to offer for all kinds of baseball lovers out there

The graphics and animation in this game are so crisp. The coloring is nice, and everything feels just good. Whether you’re hitting a really fast ball or throwing the ball of your lifetime, it is very satisfying

There are plenty of players and teams to choose from, each with a unique style of playing. The gameplay and commentary are very smooth as well. It really feels like you’re watching a movie when you play this game

 My Universe – Doctors and Nurses

The list of simulation games cannot be completed without some medical games. This game lets you play as a doctor and a nurse, taking turns and understanding how each individual role is different in the medical field. Your job is to build good relationships with your team members and handle each patient carefully

It is a fun game that lets you experience the day-to-day life of doctors and nurses in a hospital. There are various characters you can interact with, both patients and colleagues. There are also rivals which you must not lose to

It shows you the busy life of hospitals, and you are required to fulfill your duties in the midst of all the ruckus. You have to communicate with patients, understand their problems and play mini-games to treat their injuries and diseases

 Take Off – The Flight Simulator

While this may not be the best flight simulator game out there, it certainly won’t disappoint you if you’re gaming on Switch. Sometimes the controls don’t respond well, but overall it is a good game if you’re into exploring the world through the sky

It has a large open world where you can freely fly your plane and enjoy the beautiful view from above. There are plenty of planes to choose from and plenty of places to visit as well. You can fly freely or take missions to show off your skills

The environment looks nice and different depending on where you’re flying. And the dynamic weather also makes sure that you face some real challenges when you’re flying at a high altitude

 Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is a beautiful combination of action and simulation games. It tells the beautiful history of Japanese culture along with some nice aesthetics and voice acting. In this game, you’ll play as Sakuna, a goddess who is banned from her realm and is sent to an island inhabited by various demons

There, you must defeat demons while learning how to live with human children who have entered heaven uninvited. Rice cultivation is an important part of this game, and it involves different processes, from tilling the soil to harvesting the crops

It isn’t like other farming simulation games where you just click one button and wait for them to. You actually need to consider a lot of things when you’re planting the rice in this game

Combat is also another important feature in Sakuna. You can use a variety of moves to beat enemies and slam them into each other. In this game, fighting a lot doesn’t mean you’ll get stronger. Instead, your combat skills depend heavily on your ability to farm rice

 Serin Fate

It is another farming simulation game, but there are a lot of things to do in this game besides farming. You can think of it as Stardew Valley on steroids. It has farming, magic, crafting, and all sorts of monsters, just what you would expect from a typical fantasy game

You’ll play as one of the witches who is tasked to restore the item called Fate Stone and free the land frommonsters

Serin Fate is a challenging game that requires you to play as an RPG game. You have to explore different parts of the land to learn magic, craft all kinds of weapons and equipment,plants that are used to make potions, and so on

The stronger you get by exploring, the easier it becomes to fight the monsters. There are also a variety of familiers you can capture and train to become your companions. It is a very fun game to play, but it requires you to invest a lot of time as well

 Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper lets you manage your own little graveyard and turn it into a business that brings you lots of profit. Who says managing a graveyard has to be a good deed? You can use this opportunity to make some cash and live a carefree life while people think you’re doing a good job of cleaning corpses

Graveyard Keeper is not a graveyard management game but a real business simulation. Well, it is, but you don’t have to play it like one. Your goal is to do everything to cut off the cost of burying corpses while upgrading your graveyard

You can also engage in mining, crafting, farming, and fishing when you don’t have any corpses to manage. It is a game of freedom that lets you do anything you desire. You don’t have enough space in your graveyard to bury a dead body? You can throw them into a river when no one is around

You don’t have enough cash to sustain your expenses? You can sell the organs of the dead bodies for some easy money. Apart from these, there are also dungeons that you can explore to discover new techniques and ingredients

 My Universe: Puppies and Kittens

If you are an animal lover and love petting them and taking care of them, then this is just the game for you. This game is all about taking care of your little furry friends and making them your best friends. It lets you adopt cute little dogs and cats from different places and bring them to your home

You can then name them, pet them, feed them, and even take them for a walk. It really feels like you’re playing with your pet. There are a lot of these furry friends to take in, and they all have different personalities. You’ll have to understand each of them and handle them carefully as they all like to be treated differently

 Aery Calm Mind 2

If you are searching for a game where you don’t have to do much and just enjoy the gameplay, then this is the game for you. In this game, you take control of a bird and use him to fly over beautiful landscapes. It has some of the most beautiful aesthetics and visuals I’ve seen in Switch games

The game isn’t really much other than flying and collecting some crystals, but it really isn’t a bit boring. It also has calm and soothing music which will accompany you throughout the game. Besides visuals and soundtracks, the main attraction of this game is its beautiful landscapes, and there are plenty of them to choose from

Whether you want to fly over the dinosaurs in a prehistoric era or snow-capped mountains, they are all there for you, ready to be explored

 Sky Gamblers – Air Supremacy 2

Do you think flight simulation games are only made for exploring the world and having fun? Well, you better think again because Air Supremacy willyour mind away with its aerial maneuvers and combat

You play as a pilot of a fighter plane who is tasked to take down the enemy aircraft and defend his country from various threats. This game takes you on a journey through different locations from all over the world in a span of 14 missions

You’ll be able to pilot different aircraft, engage in dangerous battles and use all sorts of weapons toyour enemies to pieces. It is exciting, challenging, and a joy to play, even when you’re killing people

 Construction Simulator 3 Console Edition

Take on the role of an employee in a bankrupt construction company and make it great again with your amazing skills. It is a fairly simple game with good mechanics and semi-realistic graphics

Your job is to basically take any job that requires construction and complete them. Whether it is repairing roads or constructing a building, everyone depends on you when it comes to construction

This game features a lot of vehicles that you can unlock and purchase over the course of the game. It also has quite a number of contracts, so you can expect it to be a long game

Other than the missions, it has an open world that you can explore freely when you complete missions and have a little bit of time until your next mission

 Fishing: Barents Sea Complete Edition

This is probably the best fishing simulation game on Switch. This lets you fulfill all your wishes of owning your own little fishing boat and starting a fishing business. It lets you show your fishing skills and be the best fisherman in the market

The game features a large map and lots of spots to catch fish from. You start with a small boat but can purchase even the biggest boats once you catch more fish and start making loads of money

There are also various ways you can catch the fish. With the right equipment and skill, you can catch any type of fish. These skills are easy to learn but can be very difficult if you want to master them

Besides fishing, you can also visit various ports and upgrade your boats with different features. You’ll also be able to hire talented crew members there

 Summer in Mara

Summer in Mara is another adventure game that focuses on farming as well as completing quests. Now, don’t get your hopes up on this one as it has some features that are really boring and tedious. But overall, it is a good game if you’re a fan of farming simulators

Summer in Mara basically takes place on an island, where you need to complete different quests and have conversations with the characters to progress the game. You can farm different kinds of crops on your farm and sell them in the market

It also features some RPG elements, which are basically aof fetch quests, and it gets boring pretty quickly. But you also need them to progress through the story, so you can’t skip them as well

These fetch quests are also required when you want to upgrade your farm and install new equipment, so you’ll need to get familiar with them. Other than that, there are other activities such as fishing and exploration which you can do when you have free time.