Simulation games have been on a massive spike lately, especially with games like
*Animal Crossing: New Horizons* and *Microsoft Flight Simulator* becoming major hits over the last few years. These games have ways of putting players in positions of living their lives as if they were living someone else's. And there are plenty of simulation games out there for people to experience

One of
**the best platforms for simulation games is Nintendo Switch which has embraced the simulation genre more than any other console. Because there are so many, it's important to look deep into the Switch's library, as some of the best ones out there are not getting people's attention. **Updated October 11, 2022, by Christopher Birsner: **Simulation games continue toin popularity, especially on the Nintendo Switch, where players can take care of in-game tasks while they are on the go. These types of games tend not to be action focus even if they do require a lot of attention, and a device like the Switch allows players to take it a little bit easier when enjoying the gameplay. Of course, while there are some popular titles on the console, there are still a good amount of games that remain underrated in comparison to the larger titles that consume the gaming conversation. Some of the **best simulator games on Switch** are the ones no one talks about

## 17/17 Bee Simulator
A lot of
**modern simulation games on Switch and other platforms** sell themselves almost entirely on their gimmicks which can often leave players feeling disappointed once they realize just how shallow their shiny new game really is. While this scenario can be incredibly common when dealing with simulation games surrounding insects, animals, or objects, it is not at all the case when it comes toThe humble bumblebee serves as the perfect vessel to transport players far far away from the problems of everyday life. Bee Simulator**
It's surprisingly easy to become lost while exploring the game's world, just as it is to find oneself fretting over the troubles of their furry little friends. The team over at Varsav Game Studios did a fantastic job fleshing out the game's mechanics and concepts far beyond the standard 'you are a bee' theming that lesser developers would have settled for. When all's said and done, the game provides players with a chance to see the world from a different perspective that will likely be incredibly different than anything they've experienced before

## 16/17 Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town
It may no longer bear the
*Harvest Moon* name, but the heart and soul of the series can still be found throughoutThis 3D remake of the 2003 GBA classic looks and plays great and serves as a great example of how classic franchises can reinvent themselves for the modern era without needing to start from scratch. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town** *Friends of Mineral Town* was always one of the better *Harvest Moon* titles and so it should come as little surprise that the remake is ** one of the best simulation games on the Switch A few harsh reviews prevented it from attaining the kind of average rating it deserves, but it's not a game that needs to rely on critical acclaim or past reputations to make its point. It is a game that can provide hours of content to anybody who's willing to give it a chance. Those who do might find it difficult to put it down again afterward

## 15/17 Do Not Feed The
Nothing screams simulation than watching life play out and being told not to interact with it. But
** explores the morality that is being able to watch people through security footage without them realizing it and investigating their every move. Do Not Feed The
The ability to spy also comes with the ability to interact with the people who are being spied on, but there is a risk in assisting people as it could expose the exclusive club the player is in. Plus, players will need to worry about having enough money to pay rent and take care of their hunger/sleep situation as well

## 14/17 Arcade Paradise
Needing to run a business is a common trope in some of the best sim games on Switch, but what if the business that the player is assigned can turn into something both completely different and really cool? That's the general premise of
 Arcade Paradise**
Players own a laundry mat and must complete tasks to keep the business running. However, as time progresses, players can slowly turn the business into a full-blown arcade with 35 cabinets that are actually playable. Each of these cabinets can be played alone or with local multiplayer, with players being able to chase high scores

## 13/17 Stardew Valley
Yes, this game is absolutely popular, but the reason why it may be considered underrated is that it tends to be overshadowed by bigger titles of the same genre, such as
*Animal Crossing* and *Minecraft*. But *is a cult classic for a reason, and it all comes down to the amount that players can do in this game. Stardew Valley *

From growing a dream farm to falling in love with someone in town, plus all the fun hijinks and achievements that can be unlocked,
*Stardew Valley* will keep players busy in the best way

## 12/17 Speaking Simulator
Sometimes, it's just hard to get the right words out. It's even harder to speak when one is a robot trying to pose as a human being. In
 the player takes on the role of a robot that looks very human-like. The goal of the game is to take on scenarios that require a lot of talking. Speaking Simulator**
The mechanics revolve around the player moving theand tongue in ways so they can perfectly sound out the words the robot is trying to say. It will be important to try to get it as exact as possible or there is a risk the robot's face willup

## 11/17 Beat Cop
It may be more of an adventure game, but
** simulates the life of a detective who is looking to dig deep into the secrets around him. This pixel-art game set in the 1980s follows a former cop who was framed for murder. Beat Cop**
The goal of the game is to explore the nonlinear story structure by walking around the city and finding clues. Interrogate people who may know a thing or two to help get to the bottom of what really happened. Along the way, there will be people standing in the detective's way to prevent the investigation from proceeding

## 10/17It With Fire
There are a lot of people who aren't a fan of spiders showing up in their homes. In
 the simulator is able to give these people the tools to get rid of them in the most destructive and chaotic fashion they dreamed of.It With Fire**
The action game puts players in a situation where they can pick up various tools and weapons that they can use to take out spiders. These weapons range from regular bug spray to explosives. The environments themselves can be destroyed, which is part of the fun. Those who have arachnophobia can play as the game has a toggle for them

## 9/17 House Flipper
**great simulation games **are what a player wants, *House Flipper*
This game gives a first-person look into what it is like to deal with theof homes and the need to restore it from the ground up. From knocking down walls to installing new appliances and pipes, the game makes cleaning a house feel fun

## 8/17 My Time At Portia
Similar to
*Stardew Valley* and inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli, ** teleports the player to the town of Portia where they will work to restore a workshop by growing crops and raising animals. There's plenty to interact with in the world as well, with villagers who need assistance that could lead to a better town as a whole. My Time At Portia**

There's even a battle element to the game that includes needing to defeat enemies in order to get more loot. Overall, players can log many hours into this experience

## 7/17 Doraemon Story Of Seasons
Doubling as an RPG,
** brings together a popular Manga and a video game series for one adorable simulation. Doraemon and his friends have been transported to a different world and must live on a farm until they figure out a way to get back to their own world. Doraemon Story Of Seasons**
With the help of a local resident named Lunch, Doraemon must embrace life in this new world by not only tending to the farm but meeting new friends along the way. The pace of
*Doraemon Story Of Seasons* is relaxing and will allow players to getinto it for long stretches of time

## 6/17 Cozy Grove
There are not many
**simulation games for Switch** that attempt the real life day-by-day gameplay format of *Animal Crossing* because it may not be appealing for those who aren't already fans of the Nintendo franchise. However, ** takes the bold step in doing this and makes it worth logging in every single day. Cozy Grove**
Players take the role of a Spirit Scout who takes care of local ghosts who are living on the island by doing tasks for them. Most of it includes gathering materials and finding collectibles around the island to deliver to the ghosts. Of course, some materials can be used to decorate the campsite that the player is staying at

## 5/17 Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition
A big theme amongst many simulations is the ability to build things

**is the Bridge Constructor Ultimate Edition ** **perfect simulation game**for people who want to try their hand at building the perfect structures for different vehicles to cross

The game has a total of 40 levels that are set across five different biomes. Each level will test whether or not the player can build a bridge that is not only functional but can withstand the test of time as more and more cars drive over the bridge. There is also a free-build mode for players who want to build the bridge of their dreams

## 4/17 Bear And Breakfast
It's nice to have a game that is both charming in its story and its gameplay, and
* does a nice job balancing both of these to make it one of the best simulation games for Switch. As noted by the title, the game stars a bear who are tasked to run a bed and breakfast. Bear and Breakfast* *Bear and Breakfast* gives players tasks to complete to make sure the space they create fits the needs of those who are staying at the inn. Along the way, players will get to explore the world to collect resources and interact with characters that are both hilarious and mysterious at the same time

## 3/17 Very Very Valet
Speaking of vehicles, what is it like to be a valet? The Switch-exclusive
** puts players right in their shoes. Very Very Valet** **This simulation game on Switch can be a solo experience or a party game with up to four players
Play alone or with friends to take on more than 20 different levels that will test any valet skills. The controls are also simple enough that make trying to park a car correctly a lot easier than doing so in real life. The world itself is colorful and filled with puppet characters, making it a perfect combination for one of the best simulation games on Nintendo Switch

## 2/17 SnowRunner
It's nice to have vehicle simulators that focus on general driving techniques with not a ton of challenge to them. But
** will put players into the roughest conditions possible that will require them to strategize how they want to get from point A to point B. SnowRunner**
With over 40 real-life vehicles to choose from, players can take on missions that will have them carrying cargo or dealing with other tasks while driving through snowy or rainy weather, leaving the road ahead to be quite difficult to push through. Players can choose to drive alone or take a task on with up to four friends

## 1/17 Little Dragons Cafe
If players are looking for a super relaxing experience with little to no pressure,
** is perfect. In a game that has no currency, the primary objective is exploring the world around the cafe to collect ingredients for the newest additions to the menu. Little Dragons Cafe**
Along the way, players will be raising a dragon that can help fight enemies andcrops. The plot is definitely on the weird side, but it's also rather enjoyable to have a pet dragon following the main character around. It'll be hard to walk away from a game like this and not smile

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