More and more fans are turning to the simulation genre as a way to experience real-world activities in fascinating new ways. The Nintendo Switch has become the ideal platform for titles in this genre, as players can easily pick up and play their favorite simulation games at any time of the day

From pulling off hilarious antics in
*Untitled Goose Game* to welcoming new villagers in *Animal Crossing*, there’s no shortage of fun things to do in the most popular simulation games. The best among these titles steer clear of repetitive gameplay, providing players with hours of entertaining content and well-designed levels instead

## Untitled Goose Game
Despite its seemingly simple premise of letting players control a rowdy goose,
*Untitled Goose Game *has proven itself to be one of the funniest games for the Switch. Fans are encouraged to wreak havoc in an otherwise peaceful English town where residents leave their glasses lying around, farms unattended, and rakes a bit too near the local lake

No one expected life as a goose to be so wild and entertaining, but that's exactly what players get with this breakout game. It's not surprising that the title has sold millions of copies, especially considering how after becoming a hit on the Switch, it has become available for all major consoles

## Two Point Hospital
The sleepy town in Two Point County is in desperate need of a functioning hospital and it's up to players to make sure it's up to par

*Two Point Hospital* tasks fans with managing several moving parts. It's not just the impatient patients that need attention, as the facilities and staff will occasionally become troublesome, too

The goal is to make a hospital that can keep patients happy and ensure a consistent cash flow. Of course, that's easier said than done when players find themselves dealing with all sorts of wacky illnesses like cubism and mummified patients. It's challenging but fun to find ways to keep upgrading equipment, train staff, and entertain the never-ending stream of patients in the game

## Bee Simulator
*Bee Simulator* is a game that does exactly what its title promises, as players get the unique chance to see the world through the micro perspective of a honeybee. A crucial quest to save the hive is thrust upon the protagonist's tiny shoulders and it's up to fans to fly around the Central Park-inspired location to complete it

There are some fun mini-games, bee puns, and educational facts scattered around the world, but the main draw of the game is undoubtedly the unique experience it offers. Giant picnic blankets, huge zebras, and impossibly tall trees are just a few of the amusing things players will find in
*Bee Simulator*. It turns mundane objects into amazing sites, just waiting to be explored

## My Time At Portia
At first glance,
*My Time at Portia* seems like every other best gardening and farming sim game out there, but players will find that there's one major twist. Instead of finding an empty plot of land in a remote village, they'll have to rebuild from scratch as they re-populate the surface of the earth

The post-apocalyptic farming game is similar to other sim titles in most of its other aspects, as it doesn't try to fix what isn't broken. The extra motivation to rebuild society does help make harvesting crops and upgrading the village a tad more satisfying, though

## Stardew Valley
*Stardew Valley *is a game that needs no introduction, as it isn't too far-fetched to say it's one of the most recognizable simulation games available today. It popularized the format of inheriting a dilapidated farm from a relative and introduced entertaining elements that go beyond just growing crops

Players can lead fulfilling lives in the charming game, spending their days tending to their plants, crafting goods, and interacting with townspeople. There's even an option to marry and have kids, only if players can find the time to do so in between mining procedurally generated caves and engaging in challenging combat with enemies outside of town

## Do Not Feed The
Players can step into the world of The Primate Observation Club in
*Do Not Feed The. It's a one-of-a-kind simulation game that explores the concept of voyeurism in amusing, sometimes disturbing ways. Thein this case actually refer to the various people fans can observe through video feeds

While it's technically possible to interact with the people the protagonist is spying on, it could put players in danger. Striking the right balance between secretly chatting with an NPC, paying rent, and monitoring video feeds is essential to maintaining one's status in the club

## RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
If there's one construction and management sim game that players should try to get into the subgenre, it's
*RollerCoaster Tycoon 3*. It takes all the best and nostalgic parts of the previous games and adds fun and challenging twists, rightly earning the title a spot next to some of the best tycoon games of all time

Aside from being able to construct one's dream park, the game adds cool new features like the CoasterCam, which lets the players actually ride the rollercoasters they build. There's also the MixMaster, which is a tool players can use to design elaborate fireworks shows that are perfectly timed with in-game music

## Unpacking
*Unpacking *invites players to rediscover the joys and heartaches that come with the familiar act of moving to a new home. It seems simple on the surface, as the primary task is to stack items like books and arrange toys to fill up the new space and empty the boxes. However, players will see that it's a much more profound game than they might expect

There are small stories attached to seemingly insignificant items that explain the move and provide information about the owner's life. It's a peaceful and meditative title with a poignant narrative. As an added bonus, the soothing soundtrack and timer-free environment make it a relaxing Nintendo Switch game

## VA-11 HALL-A
Found along yet another insignificant street in Glitch City is the eponymous VA-11 HALL-A, a small bar frequented by small people just trying to get away from their busy lives. As the bartender, players can learn about the fascinating dystopian world in
*VA-11 HALL-A* through the customers' stories, as they can't help but confess their darkest secrets and impossible desires to the protagonist

Fans can meet new interesting characters and listen to what they have to say, with the only catch being there are no dialogue options. Players will have to depend completely on their bartending skills, as the NPCs' reactions to the drinks determine what they say and do. It's a completely original concept that's executed well in the absorbing and often moving game

## Animal Crossing: New Horizons
The latest entry in the
*Animal Crossing* series is undoubtedly its best, as millions of fans around the world continue to enjoy life on their own private island in *New Horizons*. The life simulation game unfolds in real-time, which adds an extra layer of difficulty to managing crops, crafting items, and generally improving one's village

Most fans would agree that one of the best parts of the game is exploring other islands and meeting more anthropomorphic creatures. There's nothing quite as satisfying as building a relationship with these characters and then getting them to agree to join the party and fly over to the island the player has spent countless hours decorating and upgrading

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